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Chef;s Discount Codes

Anyone know of any current discount codes for Chef’s in the UK. I need to order a few flavors not found stateside.


Don’t know which one is still working since there were some changes, but i’d suggest to wait couple of more days for higher discount, than those ‘regular’ codes usually offer.


You could check their FB page. I’ve also emailed them to get a code.


I haven’t been able to find an regular codes for them at all, which is why I was asking. They have been out of stock on Custard Premium but now have it back in stock. Not sure how fast they run through it so wanted to get some ordered while the getting was good, lol.


If you join their Facebook group, you’ll have access to the group’s 10% discount code and get advance information when they run higher discounts usually for special events / holidays.

I think there’s also a discount code for customers who sign up to Chefs’ mailing list on their website.


ahh, thank you, i don’t usually spend any time over on fakebook, so hadn’t thought to check if they had a group. I have found staying away from there has done wonders for my blood pressure, lol


I’m not sure if you know this or not but Flavour Creative is Chefs rebottle of Flavor Art and they sell 120ml of Custard Premium instead of those little bottles of Flavor Art.

just FYI


thekitchen is usually good for 10% off.


Yep, but they are sold out of all but the 10ml bottles and they sold out of devon cream & the wrecka mango I wanted in the 20 minutes it took me between picking out what I wanted and then checking out.


Thank you, will keep that for next time

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Got this in an email.

Chefs Big Black Friday Blowout!

Here at Chefs HQ we have been wracking our brains to come up with a special occasion to give you all some lovely discounts.

We’ve had meetings upon meetings over Zoom, socially distanced meetings in the car park, long walks in the beautiful Welsh valleys, and we believe we have come up with extra special for you all… BIG BLACK FRIDAY BLOWOUT!

Now I know what you are all thinking… What is the Big Black Friday Blowout?

Well let me explain, the Big Black Friday Blowout is going to be 5 days long and starts on Monday 23rd November and ends Friday 27th November. There will be site wide discounts on pretty much everything!

There will be no need for a code as the discounts are applied automatically. All other discount codes will be disabled during this period.

I hope you enjoy the brand new, never seen, totally original, Big Black Friday Blowout, here at Chefs Flavours.


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