Chemnovatic speed steep bases

Chemnovatic now has a vg/pg base that they say will speed up the steep process considerably. They say the juice gets ready to vape in 30s,and that you can get the result of a 4 week steep overnight. Any one have tried it? I dont know if you can get their stuff in the US but here in Europe it is easy to find. Oddly enough the base does not apear in their website. It is called VPGi and they sell it at 50/50 and 80vg/20pg ratios with zero nic

It would be nice if they could qualify their claim with some kind of explanation.


i know,it sucks that we dont know what is in it and how it works…a friend of mine tried and he said it really works. He steeped a heavy custard juice overnight and got great results,and it worked for fruits too. But i am still a noob and dont know how long it takes to steep these kind of flavors,and since im more into tobaccos i am thinking about buying a bottle tomorrow and do a test. It sucks that they don’t have vg and pg separated,im not sure how to follow a recipe with a calculator and get the percentages right :frowning:

Assuming it really works I bet it will be nicely priced!

i think it costs 2,50 EUR for a 80ml bottle

i dont like a premixed base so this wouldnt work for me regardless of the claims

I buy their separate bases, and I am happy with the product, it seems that their VG is thinner (less viscous) than other manufacturers, and less sweet, but I can not compare, since I have always used this brand.

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