Cherimoya ..skunkmoya!

well I just found out why you single flavour test. I did with this flavour and many others and cherimoya by Wonder flavours turns into a skunk at 3% do not ever please go above 2% solo and in a mix just dont go above 1.2% it’s just going to ruin everything! Omg that was so gross, I can still taste the skunk…I just recently read others notes on this same flavour and so far idk but no one else seems to have that opinion. I tasted skunk at 3% thats all I know. At first it is a nice flavour all banana and pear and honeydew melon, but if your heavy on it it will ruin everything. I promise that…otherwise its a really nice flavour to work with
Don’t be afraid… just be light.


Well DAMN, there it is.

Testing flavors, especially ones that aren’t as known, or widely used, CAN lead to “moments”, hehe. I have been there, done that.


You aren’t the only person who has made “skunk juice”. In fact, at least one of us (me) has made “Dead Skunk Juice”. I’m grateful I only made 10ml’s when I try something completely new. That way I can either dump it or adjust if it seems salvageable. Each of those “Skunk Juices” I see as a learning experience. Sometimes we learn what we like, and sometimes we learn what we don’t like. Both lessons are equally valuable.


The worst I did was TFA Almond at like 10%. It tasted of nasty chemicals. It was in my first flavor order and I tested them all at 10% (or 12%?) back in 2016. I can still remember that one and only drag of it. I was too scared to ever try it again lol.


That happened to me with very reputable flavors but I was given instructions to use a much higher pct than it should have been. This was way before I knew about ELR. As a result I was frightened off of FA Caramel and didn’t trust it for years. Can you imagine? A perfectly good caramel sitting on a shelf not being used.


That’s ok FA’s caramel isn’t that great anyway.

Here is a piece of advice for you beginners. If you SFT and realize that you don’t really care for the flavor I recommend trying it in a recipe before you discard it. I have several concentrates that I don’t particularly care for as a single flavor but put it in a recipe and it shines. Of course it may not always turn out that way.


:rofl: thank gawd you said that because I was never that impressed. It’s okay and can work in recipes for me but I’m not knocked out. I’m still not knocked out about any caramels and I have 24 of them but a couple still untested. I haven’t tried Caramel (Salted) SC WF. Have you? Others seem to like it.


You need to try it. Yes, I have I it’s one of my faves. The only issue I have is that it is a coil killer.

:open_mouth: wow.


I’m not a huge fan of caramels but Caramel (Salted) FW is a very accurate concentrate. @Dan_the_Man is right: It is a coil killer.