Cherries Let's Update

Because the old cherry topic was from 2018, I started a new topic, hope that’s okay? So yeah, I made this great Cherry Luden Cough Drop recipe last week (insert sarcasm here) and am on the hunt for the right cherry again. I ordered some new flavors and took some notes from a show and these are what I’m trying when they arrive. If you’ve got better ideas LOL I’m all ears.

INW Cherries 1.5% Molinberry red cherry 2%
Forest fruit FA and a bit of boysenberry FLV morph’s into a dark cherry. No % was given so I’m going to try this mix out at 2%/1%


The suggestion of the Boysenberry and Forest Fruit was Addy Tuney, he is an amazing mixer, the Godfather. Here is a recipe where he used these flavors. I would start at those % or you will get something really different. Especially with the Boysenberry.


I totally missed the part where he said add the INW cherries in ROFLMAO… and yeah memory loss I do good to remember five minutes ago LOL


This is delicious, you can omit the chai as it was barely detectable. ZERO medicinal notes.


Okay so no medicine notes off the shake and vape which is a big step forward. Inw cherries 1.50/ Red Cherry mb 2 … now I’m hoping this pops a little more flavor wise as it steeps into a cheesecake :slight_smile:


Benzaldehyde is one of the chemical compunds made to use artificial cherry flavors …flavors that contain this may help as a supporting flavor like quince by TPA


Is there a website that lets you look up these compounds in flavor concentrates or do you have to go through every flavor sheet to find it?


There’s a great tool for that but I forget the name … glueglu… gooloo … goglu or something like that. It can search any specific site you enter in the search string. Takes away a lot of manual labor!


@anon28032772 linked something , what is google " what compound is used in artificial flavors " then ill look at flavors that remind me of say a cherry " FA almond has a cherry note " so ill go to FA almind and see.if that compound is in there…Its an exhaustive approach


I have been enjoying the Flavorah Ranier Cherry! There is a slight medicinal flavor but only for the first 24’ish hours. It’s very powerful and needs to be used very sparingly. It can easily overpower other flavors. I will share the recipe my wife just helped me make. I was starting to mix and asked her what goes with Cherry. I took the first thing she said then I threw out some flavor names and waited for a positive reaction, then I would use that flavor too. Then I asked her to name it. Cherry Angel Cloud is the name. It really is quite good :cherries: :angel: :cloud:

Cherry Angel Cloud

Ingredient %
Butter Cream (CAP) 0.90
Chocolate (NR) 1.00
Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA) 1.00
Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA) 1.00
Marshmallow Vanilla (Flavorah) 0.50
Rainier Cherry (Flavorah) 0.60
Sweet Cream DX (TPA) 0.90

Flavor total: 5.9%

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This Inw Cherries/red Cherry needs more cherry but I’m worried about upping those % more LOL irony. Me afraid to raise a flavor %


Not that it’s worth much but I’ve been through the Cherry quest and found everyone i tried faded.
Could be worse for me being strawberry blind it might contribute but I’ve heard it said before.

We had a professional flavourist join another forum I’m on a while back and even he couldn’t really help other than suggesting a tiny amount of distilled water should help but i didn’t try it as I’d pretty much given up by then.

I did find two really good true to form cherry flavourings though both from The Alchemists Cupboard Natural Range, Red and black.
They both faded after time but nowhere near the level of the rest I’d tried and no medicinal notes at all.
I also found paring them with flavours like marzipan and almond really helped them remain prominent.