Chia Flavour

Hi all

Does anyone know of a flavour that is close to chia or poppy seeds (because chia tastes a bit like them to me).

I have a little project i am working on.

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All I can think of when I got to chia was this


Closest I can think would be Flavorah’s Lovage. It’s a greenish flavor that might work although it’s more along the lines of celery than chia.


Cool thanks @JoJo

Smh lol @TheTinMan1


@JoJo. What is a greenish flavor? :laughing:


@Saxon2 when @JoJo says “greenish” flavor we know she is referring to a sort of vegetal note it’s not necessarily sweet nor sour nor tart or bitter it’s just a green note. Some times it can be in a flavor that is trying to represent as a ripe fruit. An example of a green note flavor would be Wild Strawberry INW ( this is an extreme example ) a more vegetal example would be the Lovage FLV or even Cactus INW or Hibiscus Cap all share a " greenish " note :smile:


Those words - beautiful musicals explanation, now I smile :relaxed:

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Green flavor might be dill? Is there a dill?

1 Like flavors has a Pickle that packs a good amount of dill.
Turned up this alcohol based tincture of dill that might be suitable. Most dill extracts I’ve looked over are oil based and not suitable for vape use

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Ok THIS has peaked my interest, but I’m curious if dill seed has the same flavor as dill weed (the leafy part)

Yes and No. Not being the cook in the household I rely on my better half and Google for my answers most of the time.
The leafy Dill Weed is a much softer flavor used as a garnish after cooking usually as heat destroys much of the weak flavor of the weed. Treat it like a Herb
The seed is the fruited part of the plant and much stronger and is what is normally used in the cooked side of things as it can take much higher heat and not lose it’s flavor or so my take on it is. Treat it like a Spice.
With most of the Dill extracts being oil based and not suitable for our use I felt lucky to track down a water soluble Dill as it was.
Hope that helps