Chicken Stuffing?

So my girlfriend had an idea for a future experiment using some cranberry and coming up with some kind of chicken stuffing flavor (Stovetop brand?) (she’s thinking of Christmas already :P) but I can’t even begin to imagine how to create something like that… maybe a bready salty flavor mix? I know TFA has a chicken and waffle flavor, but it also has maple syrup within it… idk… I am at a loss guys. anyone have a clue?

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Lol hmmm interesting flavors that may work

  1. FA bread crust( strong as shit consider diluting before mixing i use at .07% or 1 drop per 30ml
  2. FE sweet bread crust (strong AF) .15%
  3. Ooo bread pudding 2%
  4. Fa cookie .15%
  5. ooo pumpkin pie? I dont know if i got an off batch but mine smells and actually tastes exactly like a thanksgiving dinner :confused: this is a weird one i actually vaped and enjoyed it for a while rofl
  6. Inw sesame ( i have it but am scared to try untill i heard your suggestion.
  7. .9% Sodium chloride solution distilled water.

As far as the cranberry i only have ooo (either really gross or i used way way to much) and CAP which is good and fairly strong i would suggest 3% in the mix. If you knoe of another good cranberry im all ears, :smiley:


lol was that just off the top of your head?


She(my girlfriend) came up with the idea as we were scrolling through TPA/TFA flavors website, and saw a Cranberry one there. I don’t know if it’s any good or not, though.

I really like Flavorah’s Cranberry. It’s a pretty authentic sweet/tart cranberry flavor.


Good to know. :slight_smile:

I have TPA’s and used it once. It smells like something died in the bottle, but it doesn’t taste bad. I’d trust Flavorah’s though to be a lot better if not the best.

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INW Sesame tastes like burnt popcorn to me. I’d also not bother with FA Oregano unless you like the flavor of the way the dollar store smells (cheap Chinese plastic). I’d bet the bottle it comes in tastes better than the fluid inside.

INW Rosemary Shisha is a pretty authentic rosemary flavor.

Best of luck on this one.

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Yes it was ffrank were all just winging it thats what makes it exciting :wink: lol


When someone busts out ".9% sodium chloride solution distilled water " among other things ive never heard of at the drop of a hat, its a little past winging it. :relieved:


lmao! .9 is pretty precise sounding :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you need Scarborough Fare. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Can’t just throw bread in and expect stuffing.

Celery is basic for stuffing in my house. FLV Lovage may help you there.
Look into Black Pepper too.

And I would avoid sweet things.


? What’s that?

Who makes this magical flavor? :wink:

Nobody gets me! :slight_smile:

It’s not a flavoring, but some damn good herbs for stuffing. Just made me think of Simon and Garfunkle


Cranberry (Organic) NF 2-3% awesome real Cranberry!
Fresh Baked Bread (Organic) (NF) 1-2% very good rustic Bread with a bit of baked Cinnamon in the back.
This is a good start and should stand on its own for a Cranberry Bread
Are you going for the Onion/Celery/Herbs as well? Or, are you going sweet like Bread Pudding?

Edit: 3 years later?? How did this get to the top of the main thread list? Im guessing someone posted something then deleted?

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all songs you should listen to and like.

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Sine bread was already mentioned, you may wish to consider some Roasted Chicken …

Some folks like sage in their dressings…

And since it’s for your girlfriend, might as well go all out and add some…
to your stuffing.:grinning:

The safety of vaping any of those flavors certainly can be questionable.

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