Choco Teddy Graham HELP

Looking for a little help with my recipe. Been trying to get as close as I can to the flavor of that childhood favorite. The sweet milk base mix is pretty spot on but the chocolate graham cracker cereal mix is not homogenous at all. The chocolate and graham cracker just don’t come together right, hard to explain but it’s hard to strike a balance, as soon as I get a mix with good round gc flavor the chocolate gets faded out to where I can smell it in the vapor and taste it in the liquid but not when I take a hit or i loose the dense mouth feel of the gc. So here’s the mix

TFA Dulce we leche 3%
TFA Bavarian cream 2%
TFA Fresh cream 1%
TFA Whipped cream 2%

Chocolate Teddy Grahams
CAP Double chocolate V2 ~3%
CAP Golden butter ~ 0.5%
TFA Graham cracker clear ~5%
CAP Sugar cookie ~4%

And I do it at around 80/20 vg/pg so I push it up to 3mg nic and the rest is vg. So any ideas the get the flavor locked in and rounded it would be appreciated.

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@EdwinTheGreat218 sooo close huh? The struggle is real bro! …and you’re peachin’ to the choir as the saying goes.

One thing we talk about is a flavor “ceiling”. The idea is; you’re experimenting with FlavorX …at 2% you get a mild note, so you bump to 3% …hey that’s better …you bump to 4% …man that’s pretty good? …you bump to 5% …what? It seems like the flavor is gone.

Plenty of theories, but sometimes less is more. It all looks pretty reasonable (your %s) but something is blocking. Dulce de Leche might be a problem. Lowering your GCC a % might help …and getting a good Chocolate is everybody’s struggle. Check out some SMORES recipes on the ELR Home (Recipes Database) maybe remove some Marshmallow and add some of your Milk(s)


Just thinking in the actual thing they would probably use a coco powder for it and not a milk chocolate so might be worth investigating flavors that are more in that profile think fa does a good cocoa flavor might be worth looking into