Chocolate Cheesecake

My local Italian bakery has a delicious rub it on your thighs its quicker chocolate cheesecake. After treating myself to a slice I came here looking and was surprised that I couldn’t find a single recipe. I figure I’m just searching wrong although “chocolate cheesecake” seems simple enough. Any recipe ideas?


Welcome to the forum you may find making a chocolate anything vape related is harder than you think…Good luck


Chocolate is a hard flavour to pin down.
You could start with flavorah milk chocolate and chocolate deutsch, and adding cheesecake base to it.
Or maybe lava cake?


I gave up on chocolate eliquid years ago. I’ve never tasted a chocolate vape that was accurate. Someone may be able to help but I doubt it will be easy.


You’d THINK chocolate would be an easy enough flavour to replicate huh?

Funny how some flavours just never work…

Like that almost full bottle of TFA Tiramisu that’s still sitting in my cupboard because it’s just plain disgusting at every concentration…


Cheesecake won’t be too hard @bsoplinger, but getting the choco right will be more of a challenge. Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate is one of the best out there. Strong, but doesn’t take much.


For the Chocolate part of the mix, I agree with @SessionDrummer, the Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate is a godsend in the choco department :yum:
@Pro_Vapes has a great Milk Chocolate flavor base that I could see being useful in a Cheesecake:

I searched “Chocolate cheesecake” on the recipe side and came up with 575 recipe results


Smoky’s gotta good one…


I did see this one and others but…

I don’t want tiramisu flavored… And it isn’t clear, at least to me, how to undo that part of the recipe and leave the cheesecake part so that I could then try some of the chocolate suggestions…

I similarly found strawberry and raspberry cheesecake recipes where again, to me at least, it wasn’t clear what parts were the cheesecake and which parts were the fruit.

In general thanks everyone for being so helpful so quickly


Look around for Alfred Puddings Cheesecake Trinity…Then the Choc part will be up to you …There are a few good chock concentrates but you really have to be careful with what you layer them with …I am a Medicine Flower Fan Boy but if the price sacres you VTA has a few chocolates that are supposed to be good …


Chocolate is the devil Bobby Bouche’ … sorry all I get from chocolate is liquor. There are actually two that don’t give off the liquor vibe (for me), SSA Candy Cukoo, and VSO cocoa. I’ve yet to mix them up in a recipe yet that was just SFT (yeah I know, crazy I did SFT)




Ya ive only heard good things never tried it …


Tiramisu is an unusable flavor. It should be called day old black coffee because that the only flavor I get out of it. I had used it at .25% and the recipe was unable to be saved. I tried adding hazelnut, creams and custards. Nothing would get rid of the burnt rubber tire taste, nothing!


Disgusting isn’t it? :slight_smile:

If there was even a discernable chocolate that was good, or cream that was good or the coffee was good enough to be useful in something else…

Yeah I’ve tried with it several times and always end up wishing I hadn’t :face_vomiting:

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