Chocolate mint candy flavor Help Needed

Hello, rightnow im new at DIY Ejuice and im making a flavor of a chocolatemint candies that are sold in mexico…

I was able to get the flavor i wanted… but there is something missing…

it gives a full flavor of mint chocolate but at the end… it feels like empty… i dont know how to explain… it just leaves a watery flavor at the end.

I want to change that exhale experience… any idea? i was thinking of MTS vape wizard, but i have never used it… you think that would help? like a drop for a 15ml batch?

Thanks in advance! :smile:

By the way… just explaning the candy… it is like little chocolate balls covered with a thin layer of mint candy

Creams are always good for mouthfeel, something minty might be good for a lingering flavor but i really don’t know anything about mint vape.

If you post your recipe it might help.


Ethyl Maltol 1%
Creme de mente 4%
Chocolate 5%
1 drop of marshmallow and 1 of koolada

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Including the brands of the concentrates would be helpful, then we will know what you are dealing with :slightly_smiling_face:


First of all, if you’re asking help and talking about flavors, always say which brands you’re using. There are huge differences between the same flavors from different brands.

Drops don’t mean much if you’re not talking about any other volumes. Are you mixing 10ml, 30ml? Why not just post the link to your recipe and save yourself some time. Even if your recipe is private, you can click the cog wheel, select “share recipe privately” and then copy the URL to share privately at the bottom of the recipe.

Marshmallow will give you a bit of mouthfeel but more of a fluffy, airy mouthfeel. Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re just using 1 drop, you’re probably not even going to notice that MM.
You probably need some cream in it to make it heavier, or pastry (but that will change the profile much). The right creams at lower % can make things a bit denser without really adding a cream flavor. I’d be looking at 1 or 2% bavarian cream tpa perhaps.
Don’t forget that heavy creams need a longer steep to give you that mouthfeel and lose a bit of the heavy eggs… allow it 2 weeks or more


What you need is a touch of FA Butter.
Try adding .2% to your mix.

sorry about that, i actually did say the batch im making(15ml), but it is true… every brand has different flavor profile.

TFA - creme de menthe
FW - Chocolate
Cap - Marshmallow

BTW - do you think i should remove the marshmallow? i dont want to put heavy creams on it because it is a pretty nice SnV :stuck_out_tongue: any other idea?

i have golden butter from capella, would that help? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can always keep this as a quick shake and vape, and adjust it a little so you can let it steep and get better.
I do have a bit of a problem understanding the issue though. In one post you say it’s missing something, it’s too airy… and in the next you say it’s pretty nice.

Personally, I don’t like mixing juices every single day. So I always make 10-15 30mls in 1 go. A few that are good as a shake and vape and most others that need a steep. It saves you a lot of time in preparation and you do have all the advantages of steeped juices.

You could probably make this as a shake and vape with a bit more mouthfeel but you will likely need to find other ingredients that have those properties. But you have to realize that after a few days, most recipes will change in any case.
Try make some more and wait a few days, see how the recipe steeps. I’m not saying you should leave out the marshmallow, only that 1 drop in a 15ml bottle has very minimal effect. With or without, you’re not going to notice a big difference.

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saying that “it still misses something” does not mean it is not good, it just can be better, i understand what you say about steeping…

i just want to have some good recipes that are shake n vape… dont like to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

i will take your word and make multiple samples, but that is why i made this topic, so i get ideas of what to change.

Thank you for keeping touch! :smiley:

Hello and welcome!

It is tough if you want SnV but find the vapor lacking and the flavor is mostly where you want it.

If you change too much to fix the exhale being watery, you could alter the part of the flavor you like.

I would suggest leaving it where it is and, steep it for a week or two and see how it develops. If you mostly like what you have, it could simply need to steep to come together.

SnV is a tough nut to crack to have it come out well-balanced and truly great. I’ve only found some of mine to be OK to vape right away, some enjoyable, some definitely not until a week or two steeped. If you have one you can enjoy fresh, enjoy it while the other bottle steeps.

Good luck!


I get your point, Thanks for posting!

i have already steeped for 2&1/2 weeks, still there are some good changes that i think can be made.

i know that any change would make steep to be necessary.

But i have already found the flavor i wanted, so i want it to be the best experience for my taste buds! :smiley:

Thank you!

Yes, you can use the Golden Butter, just start off low, 0.5%.

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Sorry I misunderstood!

I actually made a sort of thin mints recipe, after8 like… and I went pretty close, some vaping friends could swore they were smelling after8’s if interested, when I go home I can have a look @ my ejuicemeup and see where it went…publish it and make it public.
BTW no way to export it to ELR is there??

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