Chuck's OBS Engine 2 Review

I was the lucky winner of an OBS Engine 2 RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) from Heaven Gifts ( ). Heaven Gifts was kind enough to courier the package to me and I recieved it in about four days.

The box is a nice box in bright yellow, not too over the top in quality but still a nice box. Inside you find the assembled tank and a box that contains a little instruction booklet, a warning card a little screwdiver a package with a cotton pad and another package with some spare orings, a couple of spare screws and a couple of coils.

Taking the tank apart you can see that it’s machined well, all parts move and engage freely as they should. It all looks clean with no visible oil or burrs. The deck is a bit of an odd setup with the terminal posts designed to have the coils hanging below the screw. This setup is a bit of a challenge when installing the coils. In my opinion the post-less deck is the easiest to install coils in. You cut the legs to length and set them in, tighten the screws and you’re done. This one is not so easy. You’re best bet is to position one leg first and secure it then do the other leg. Don’t tighten the screws down fully until you’re satisfied that you have the coil where you want it. The space for the coil isn’t all that big. You wouldn’t get a huge build in. Once the coils are positioned cutting the legs off is a breeze. The four legs stick straight up and are easily accessible. Most decks leave you scared you’ll cut the opposite coil when trimming off the legs. This one is no worries in that regard.

The deck configuration makes it slightly more awkward to feed the cotton through the coil but it’s not too difficult. You trim the cotton to the edge of the deck and push it down into the juice wells. This tank overall is probably one of the easiest tanks I’ve ever wicked. You don’t have to be too fussy about the wicking either. This tank is very forgiving in that regard. As always, apply a liberal amount of eliquid to your wicks and coil before screwing it back in place on the tank.

Filling the tank is a bit unconventional too. There’s a ring near the top of the tank that lifts up to expose a filling hole. Filling through the hole is easy. It’s large enough to accept most dropper bottle tips and the tank will fill nearly full with no mess at all.

Directly above the filler ring and below the drip tip are the top airflow holes. There’s no bottom airflow so there won’t be any chance of leaking from the airflow holes. I was a bit skeptical at first about this configuration and that it would provide the air supply and the flavour I want. I filled the tank with a juice that I am quite familiar with, one I’ve been vaping every day for months. I’ve vaped this juice in a number of tanks with a variety of builds.
Firing up the mod I’m reading about 0.16 ohms. I never want to start too high but I start this a bit higher than my normal start point. I set it to 40W and give it a go. Wow! That’s an awesome flavour! I can’t put it down. I’m vaping this now as my prefered tank. The flavour is great. The airflow is waybeyond expectations and the quality is top of the line.
HG sent me a silver tank and all of my mods are black. You know what? This is a nice lookin tank. It looks nice even in silver on black. It has a good (5ml) juice capacity.
If you’re not a rebuildable atomizer user I would need to point out that once you own one of these they will last you years and years. As lomg as you can find o-rings and glass to fit (rarely needed) you’ll never need to replace this tank. The coils can be made for, literally, pennies and any cotton will work as a wick. I’ve used unbleached, organic cotton balls from the local drug-store as wicks. Of course better cotton and wire will give a better result but years’ supply is very inexpensive.
HG has these at $36.90 and it’s worth ever penny. Look them up.


Fine review, and congratulations on winning it. I am really glad ELR has @Heaven_Gifts and the other fine vendors around to keep us occupied. :smile:
It might be worth trying the Heaven Gifts 15% off code “AHG15”.


Good, in depth review Chuck, thank you. I ordered this one end of last week from 3F and looking forward to it, build deck is really interesting. I never had one of the OBS Engines, but this one really caught my eye. Good to hear you were impressed with the flavor. Good Job!


I hope you enjoy your tank. Let me know. The deck has good and bad features but taking your time you can reap some big rewards. I’m quite enjoying mine.

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I love my E2. First coil was a pita but the second went much smoother. Agree the wicking is a breeze and forgiving, cut & tuck good to go. This Engine is so much better than the OG dual, flavor and af are vastly improved. Hoping for a Nano II soon.


Congratulations @Chuckie333, and that WAS a very detailed, insightful review.