Chuff cap for the 454 Big Block V1 RDA?

I have been looking all over and can’t seem to find any details on dimensions for the big block top cap section (don’t have the tools with which to measure the atty myself) so i figured I would ask on here. I would really like a chuff cap and by looking at the dripper it appears to be a standard chuff cap size, although I have read that it is somewhat proprietary, still with no specifics on dimensions. I live in MA so I’m not able to go to a shop and see if anything fits.

Does anybody have a big block that they’ve found a chuff cap for? If so, please send links for purchase.



o.d. of the chuff would be 18mm. Tho this is tobecco clone iirc, i get 17.9 inside of the barrel where cap would sit. i believe i has seen 18 ones but was never in market. Gl to u!