Cigpet Eco12 Super Tank - Its BIG

 You're probably thinking the title to this review is incorrect...I must have meant to type TFV12...Who the hell is Cigpet? Well, you read it right. Here we have giant tank to follow the growing trend of high wattage "super tanks". As you may already know, Ijoy is the parent company over Cigpet. Ijoy already has a bunch of big, honking tanks on the market. Some even have coils with built in LED lights, and that's fine as long as the coils actually work and work great. Here Ijoy clearly wanted to compete head on with Smok's TFV12 by making a tank that not only looks almost identical to the "Cloud Beast King", it even uses the same coils if you choose so. Lets start by looking at these monster coils, check out what you get in the box, and finally break it down and see if this is a tank worth having. A big thanks to Heaven Gifts for making this review possible!

 Cigpet gives you 5 options of coils plus an RBA base that you can purchase separately (I really wish it came with the RBA). Some of these coils get to be ridiculous with the amount of wire in them. This is my first experience with this new style of tank and let me tell you, if you haven't messed with these monster coil heads they will surprise you with how big they actually are! I'm used to seeing Kanger subtank coils and Aspire BVC coils, not these bricks! The RBA base has the same exact build deck as the Cigpet Eco RDA, which is pretty unique. You should have no issues mounting big, juice hungry coils inside this thing. The deck is hard to would be better to see for yourself

When I first opened the box and was checking it all out, I decided to try the T12 coil first. It has 12 coils inside so of course I wanted to see this! After juicing it up a little and filling the tank, I set my watts to 60 just to warm the coils up and draw in some juice. Very little vapor happening . 3 or 4 pulls later I cranked it up to 80w and it was much better! I found that my sweet spot with that coil is 120w with the airflow half open. Its nice, warm and flavorful…surprisingly flavorful honestly. I was expecting it to be a cloudy, tasteless affair, really meant to impress your friends by blasting them across the room like Ryu from Street Fighter. It wasn’t like that though, at least the no flavor part. I get pretty good flavor off both included coils. The T12 says it can handle 350w but I can’t see that happening. I ran it as high as 200w and it was too much for me personally. I like a nice, warm, almost hot vape but this is getting out of hand. I tasted nothing but hot fire in my mouth. Once properly adjusted, I vaped through about 75 mils of non-sweet juice and the T12 is still going strong. These coil heads seem to last a nice long time. I figured if it could last 7 days it was a pretty descent coil head.

Can you appreciate the size of these coils now? I could literally drop the iCare coil through the middle of the Q4 coil! The Q4 looks to be something like 20 gauge, parallel wrapped with at least a 8 or 10mm ID. With such a large ID, airflow is unrestricted. There is no turbulence and it’s almost like breathing in. I did have an issue with this particular coil as well. After juicing it up and filling the tank (with the airflow closed of course) it began to leak like crazy, all over everything! I removed the coil and checked everything out good, didnt see anything wrong, so I installed the coil and filled the tank about halfway. If it’s gonna leak again I dont want to waste another 6 mils juice lol. This time it did leak, but not nearly as much as the first time. After a few pulls it finally leveled off and now it vapes like a champ. No leaking since. In my honest opinion, I like the Q4 the best out of the two included coils, even though it pissed all over me twice.

Ok…I realize that was a lot of information on coils alone so we’re done with that. With subtanks thats what its all about anyways, right? In the box you get some extra orings that are a different color so you can change it up a little, a big vape band that says IJOY on it, an extra glass (like all good tanks should), a drip tip adapter, and of course an extra coil. I didnt get any instructions or QC card or anything like that included.

There are a lot of great things about this tank. Before we get to those great things though, I must share the bad. If you take a few good rips back to back the bottom of the tank is going to get really hot. I’m talking boiling hot. It’s best to hit it a few good times and let it sit for a few minutes. Another thing that might be an issue is the 510 pin. It protrudes out really far and could prevent it from sitting flush on some mods. It doesn’t sit flush on my rx250, presa 100, or the noisy cricket 2. Finally (dont get your pitchforks out yet but on this particular tank - and I’ve been holding out) is the resin drip tip. I’ve seen photos of other people’s tips and they look so beautiful and shiny, with swirls of color galore. This one was cut out of the worst possible spot in the piece of resin. The outside looks dull with no swirls or multiple colors. I like everything else about it, but looking at it disappoints me.

I have yet to try a TFV12. If I had to do a blind puff test I probably couldn’t tell them apart. Cool thing is that all of you with a TFV12 can get some Eco coils and see if they’re better than Smok’s. The RBA bases are also interchangeable which really opens up options imho. It’s big and bulky but I took it to work anyways (for testing purposes of course lol) topped on the Hohm Wrecker G2. Thankfully I can hide from public view on smoke breaks and pretend to win cloud comps against myself!
The airflow adjustment is nice and smooth with perfect resistance so it stays in place. It does not stop or lock into place. All the threads are nice and smooth and I didnt feel any crunchyness when turning. It all appears to be really well made. I especially love the deep knurling along the top and bottom. It makes taking the top cap off simple, removing the entire thing from a mod a breeze, and changing coils easy peasy.
I like my airflow a little more restricted so turning this one down to halfway or a little below tones the clouds down a tiny notch and ups the flavor tremendously. It does a great job with spitback somehow because I havent had any issues whatsoever. Cleaning it is a piece of cake and everything comes apart in just the right places. It doesn’t have a bunch of unnecessary tiny pieces to loose either. Everything about it is just big and in your face. You fill juice by turning a 120 mil glass bottle up and dumping it. Maybe that’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration but I have been filling it with the dump method.
I always figured that these giant tanks would guzzle juice like crazy and was shocked at how long the Eco12’s tank lasts. I’m sure that vaping at a higher wattage will consume more though. Is it worth the money? I would say yes. It has a heafty weight and sturdy feel. People in the market for this type of tank would be satisfied I feel. Heaven Gifts usually has great coupons that will shave the price down a little. You can find it here
If you’re a builder don’t forget to pick up the RBA base here
Until April 18th you can use the code “Easter30” to take 30% off your order!

Thanks for reading! I hope I covered everything but if I left anything out please comment down below! If anyone has experience with the rba base let me know what you think. I’m going to order mine real soon!


The more I vape this the more I like it! I really thought I’d hate this thing

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I got in the Smok TFV12 rba head. It works pretty good but the positive connection on the bottom of the coil is a tiny smidge shorter so you gotta crank it down hard…like real hard. I think I’ll do a review just on this rba, since it is a separate purchase and all.