Cinnamon red hot TFA vs. cinnamon red hot (PG) TFA

I was just about to make a large order from BCV when the Cinnamon Red Hot - TFA went out of stock… i found they have an alternative version Cinnamon Red Hot (PG) - TFA… what is the difference between the two and is it possible to sub the original with the PG version?

I prefer the PG based flavors for all my flavors, the PG is not as thick and the molecules bind to the flavors better. It is certainly possible to use either base in your flavors just click the appropriate selection under the flavor when your entering it into your recipe, or as you enter the flavor into your stash yow have the same option there. It’s just different flavor carriers in the flavor.

thank you for the information, I have already ordered the non-PG version but it’s good to know I could have bought either. My main concern was having to adjust %'s thinking one would be less potent than the other, but it doesn’t sound like that would have been an issue… I will likely grab the PG based version on my next order :slight_smile:

Yes you will have to experiment some, I think the PG version may cure faster than the VG version. That may affect the steep time but other than that the flavor should be the same.

I believe the “other” version to which he refers is the alcohol based version. I’ve used the PG version just fine in the past. Haven’t tried the alcohol version.

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