Cinnamon Red Hot (TPA)

This is one serious flavor!
Made this recipe last night and vaped it right after mixing, Taste good with a creamy mouth feel. But I noticed a strong chemical taste to it when I taste the juice on my finger, hope that go’s away. Also am going to have to change coils on my crown tank because the flavor is there and it’s not going away after cleaning and changing juices.

I am not saving this recipe on the forum until it’s had time to steep and breath for awhile. Don’t want any body to get hurt vaping this.


8% Cinnamon Red Hots (PG) Flavor Concentrate (TPA)
4% Sweet Cream (TPA)
2% Vanilla Swirl (TPA)

Flavor total: 14%
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Dont know how Jimk can handle his Hades’ Whip at 11% Red hot. (WOW)


Uhhhhh, that’d be my wife! What can I say? I tried to do a social experiment with her one time and backed down the red hot to 8% and she said “what the hell is wrong with my juice…it’s not right…it’s not hot enough!” She was a bit pissed that I experimented on her like a rat! Okie dokie 11% it is then!

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Thats funny.

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