Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Hey gang, trying to find a spot on cinnamon toast crunch, even with the recipes on ELR and other spots, haven’t been able to find a juice that’s close. A lot of what I’ve been running into was Churrios or milk and honey recipes.
This is what I have so far,

Thanks in advance!

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I just stumbled across “RealFlavors - Golden cereal” and wondering if that’s
cinnamon toast crunch…


What about this,


What website is that screen shot off of?

The one that this forum is for. :slight_smile:


ive been trying for 7 months now and its not even close i actually have put it on the back burner im trying to clone 100 grand by gemini its perfect

if you want to trade notes, i’m all for it, I’m make juice for myself and my wife, nothing else. I have one up already that some folks are enjoying already.