Citric Acid Help

So I just received a bag of citric acid in powder form. I want to turn it into liquid form for mixing. I believe you are supposed to mix 10% citric to 90% PG. My question is how do you measure that? One is a liquid and one is a solid and they have different weights. I would like to make 30ml at a time, if someone could help me out with the math, that would be great.

I looked at the flavour list and it says ¼ teaspoon (= about 1.05 grams) per 10 ml. I’ve never used it though, so if I were you I would wait for someone else to chime in who has actually used it before jumping in on my say so. I believe @Ken_O_Where has used it, maybe he can tell you more about it .

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I mixed 1g Citric powder to 9g of PG for a 10% citric mix.
Works for me?

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I would think if you mix by weight on a scale, 10% is still 10% regardless of the ml you make… add however much powder you want, then x9 that weight in pg. 3 grams powder, 27g pg, might not be exact to the 30 ml, as specific gravity will be a tiny bit off from 1:1, but it wont far off, but regardless whatever ml you end up with will still be a 10% mix

Yea, I was a little unsure because the citric acid power does not weight the same as PG. If the above guy is correct as it weighs 1.05 grams per ml, than it weighs almost the same as PG and mixing it correctly is an easy job. Thanks for the comments guys.

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Yeah they arent going to be exact 1g=1ml, but it is only off by a tiny bit, so when all is said and done you may only be off less than +/- 1ml or so from your 30ml mark, the acid being 1.05, and pg being 1.036 (28.96g rounded to hundredth for 30ml)

So: 10% Citric acid: 3.15g 90% PG: 25.81g
should be your 30ml
either way its such a negligible difference, so up to you. 1g=1ml is close enough for government work. lol

It’s not exact but for our DIY purpose it is as close as.
One tip I do have is heat the VG before adding the citric powder. It helps greatly in ensuring that the citric dissolves easily.

Thanks for the holler @Josephine_van_Rijn.

Ive used CA a couple times but found it just gunked my coils faster, the nominal taste difference wasnt enough to continue its usage.


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Okay, so probably a lot of people read the directions in here, followed them and then, like I just did, wonder why the citric isn’t dissolving as quickly as menthol crystals do. Thanks to the wizards and sages in the discord chat who told me the trick for this.

You have to heat the PG and it’s still going to take all damn day. This isn’t the kind of thing you can whip up in a half hour because you forgot you were almost out.

So, yeah, my 10% solution is dissolving but it’s really really slow!