Citric acid

Anyone know what is up with certain juices u can buy that say, citric acid as a ingredient? If so, can you buy it?

You can buy citric acid powder/crystals on Amazon.

The citric acid will define many fruit flavorings, and liven them up.
Citric acid has been known to also mute flavorings over time, yet I still use it in a stevia stone, and have no problems yet.

If I have a choice, I will use malic acid instead of citric acid, but most of the time I use citric acid in the form of organic key lime juice to make my organic stevia sweetener stone. I also add organic apple cider vinegar to my stone to use with fruit ingredient e-juice recipes.



O ok have to check it out. There is this strawberry juice that I love to vape, I have tried to make it or just come close to it but with no success. I have allot of different strawberrys but having a hard time. I started diy maybe 6 months ago, am getting better with it. But strawberry is a tough one.thx for the tip

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My best luck with strawberry has always been to use at least TWO different strawberries any time I use one…even three.
If a recipe calls for 6% I will use 3% and 3%…or 2% - 2% - 2%…make sense?


I have the worst luck adding Stevia (PYURE) to strawberry. it seems to work well with every fruit except strawberry for me. It seems to just cause the strawberry to spoil. If you get it to work let me know.


Strawberry was one of the last flavors I could taste when I first started out. I started to be able to actually really taste it a couple years later. I have read several ppl have a hard time especially when starting out tasting Sb.

I agree w/ @ozo use different vendors of SB in a recipe. TFA SB ripe is always good w/ Cap’s sweet SB and lil tips to help them pop are yes Citric Acid or you can use like Ozo said a lemon juice or just a lemon flavor at a very low % you want the citric acid not the flavor profile to show up and be noticable. The same goes for Caramel and Anise. Both help SB lift a bit more. Again it may only require a drop or two of these flavors. Then there’s sour Malic acid that also helps flavors pop you can go as high as 1-2% without getting a real noticable taste I never really get a pucker from Sour but taste is subjective.

these are all additives that either lean toward making flavors pop or making things tart, sour or sweet :smile:

Here is a good read by @DIYorDIE nice info complied.


Wow excellent info Amy. I do mix different vendors of strawberry, so now going to try some lemon and look into buying some citric acid. You, Ozo and others are a big help. Glad I decided to ask. Thx


recently i read adding a small amount of raspberry to strawberry will enhance it as well , ive always used dragonfruit to get a better strawberry taste , raspberry is a very powerful flavor IMO so small amount if you try it so it doesnt take the strawberry over


Ok I have both so I will try. Thx

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Yeah I cant use it.

What the strawberry or the Stevia? I buy it at walmart, Pyure Organic Liquid Stevia Extract. Ingredients: Water, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Citric Acid. So it has a few flavor enhancers, works well with about all fruits just not strawberry (for me).

The strawberry and have raspberry. And have ethol maltol, plus sweetner, and I have cotton candy. Ya I was saying I will try the raspberry to see if it enhances the strawberry

Ya I’m going to try that too when i get a “ROUND TUIT”, i ment @Maureeenie
can’t use What the strawberry or the Stevia?
I’m thinking its the citric acid or the vinegar in the stevia has the effect more than the stevia itself.

I cant use it with anything in the vapor, It makes the mouth feel of the vapor very strange to me. It’s a great sweetener for coffee or tea so if you buy it and you don’t like it - it doesn’t go to waste anyway.

OK, out of curiosity and we are not far off topic because the stevia I use has citric acid in it as I mentioned, what percentage do you use when you add it to a mix? I only add 1 drop per 10ml (0.2% in the mix). So I don’t taste anything, except the fruit becomes more pronounced. Also what brand is it, I use the OTC Walmart Stevia (PYURE) and it has similar ingredients as the Stevia Stone @ozo is making.

Try to watch out for Stevia products that have other elements in them. Look for pure products always.

Also Malic works much better in my testing.

If u have trouble finding pure Stevia without fillers let me know. I have a few sources.


I do NOT recommend the Skinny Girl, it was something the spouse picked up at the store, but it is usable in a pinch.
I get the Stevita on ebay and the Pyure from Pyure. These two are what I make the stone out of…1 teaspoon to 30ml VG, then mix WELL on the mag-mix.

Been playing with citric acid again lately, what is the furthest anyone has used this stuff? I have a batch with 0.5%, 2%, and 3% steeping. They don’t taste like the finger test yet, but I am assuming time will help with that.

How long does it take the Citric Acid to fully steep into the mix? Anyone played with this stuff enough?