I’m not sure if any of you have tried citrus TPA on it’s own as a mix, I made a two mixes on their own.
I must say it’s a acquired taste, it’s like marmite you either love it or hate it…I’m not to sure about it…

But I have about 10 ml left of the first bottle, and about 10 of a random mix I made up so I mixed them together to tone down the citrus…maybe not the right idea but it’s done the trick…
Unfortunately I still have another bottle left… oh well
I made differant mixes up for holiday…starting to think I’ve not made enough…arrrggghhh…
Oh well…there’s a local vaping place in great yarmouth if I run out…
Failing that go back onto the stinkies till I get home. Lol… I will try not to…

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Good luck! (I understand and forgive) I would love to see some of these old timers weigh in on their favorite orange that actually taste like orange. I cant seem to make an orange vape to love.

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With you on that one…
I’ve semi found a flavor I sort of like/love
Is sucker punch…

Dragon fruit
Baverian cream and vanilla custard
At 6mg nicotine at 70/30

Baverian cream on it’s own I find harsh…
Maybe mixing to stronger strength. ? But I know it gives me a banging head ache…it’s mixed in something else it’s OK… just gotta make sure I have plenty of fluid with me to drink…Lol.

Made a random mix. Which wsnt to bad either.
Why is it that any DIY mix never taste as good as u buy from shops. Lol…

I think the trick with Bavarian Cream is just using a teeny bit of it? I cant do much of that either :slight_smile: I love the real Bavarian Cream!

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I’m still learning with the DIY stage, Lol…
I take it there are a few variations of it then.
Need to have a good look on darkstar vapour where I get my stuff from, may try some other vendors see what their stuff is like…
Can u recommend some good ones to try…as in flavors…

What do you like now and I will tell you ones I use all the time?

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why not just look up the average percentage use for your particular brand and do a shout out to your local area for DIY, maybe someone can help you out with some concentrates. (just opinion though)

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Ones I prefer is sucker punch.
Mint Choc chip…
And strawberry custard

The one from the vape shop I’m still trying to find a Clone for is vulture punch…

Nothing on ELR

I’m still learning…so I have a few friends local to me DIY, SO I will ask them what they use…
I’m still trying to get my head around this search for things.

You should get Capella Vanilla Custard V1, FA Red Touch Strawberry, Capella Golden Pineapple and Capella Sweet Cream. I can attest to them being really good.

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Thanks for that…I will have a look at darkstar vapour so if they have them…

Get these and make this:

And this one:

I’ve made both but I use Capella Golden Pineapple.

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Best thing to do to find the best recipes in your flavor profile is go here:

Type in: (flavor of choice like strawberry or pineapple)

On the right side you’ll see the word “Ratings” - Click on that.

The best recipes with your flavor profile will pop up.

The recipe will be full of comments about whet they subbed, what worked, what they liked or didn’t like and good luck!

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Are you talking about TFA Citrus punch AKA Mountain Dew? Try it at 3% with any blackberry at 1 to 2% and any raspberry at 1 to 2%. I like it mixed that way and make it from time to time…



I think it’s just tpa citrus punch. Not the mt drew version… but once I get off my holiday I will try it with something else like I suggested.

I did however make a pineapple punch with citrus with it…so I am yet to start that yet.

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i’m working on a mt dew pitch black recipe :slight_smile: if you have any insight, i’d be happy to team up

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I don’t think they made a different recipe with the tpa mt. dew, I think they just switched the name to citrus punch like 2 years ago

Sure just pm me what your plan is and what results you are looking for. this is what I have so far, and that came from a reddit forum. I’d really like to get the sense of a Mt Dew Pitch Black down. So far, I’ve only been able to find that its a grape/raspberry with mt dew.