City Of Fog?

Has anybody tried e-liquid from City Of Fog? I’ve seen some good and some not so good things. I would like some honest opinions as to whether I should order here or not? I see a lot of familiar flavours on there too.


you made me google :wink:

lol sorry i didnt know if links were allowed

thks, i didnt feel like it

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@GemDesignz …ok looked for a bit. These look like common clone recipes.

I’d focus more on their lab facilities. Can you visit? Maybe buy a couple 6mg juices like a regular client (online) and do your own nicotine test for QC accuracy (% of nic) …oh and vape 'em :wink:

Since these are recipes many of us have made DIY, it’s not too likely many folks here have paid for this company’s commercial juice. We all still buy commercial juice but it’s usually something we can’t easily clone and like because there’s something special. If this is a price point thing, then there’s always people who are not so discerning (flavor-wise) and decide on price alone.

One thing about clones is they’re usually proven to be popular and easy to like …blueberry donut etc, but to answer your question “No” (have not tried)

I have tried them, and first of all I wasn’t impressed, he lied about when he posted it, any juices I have had were never steeped, kept putting his prices up, I tried three times to leave a review on his fb page and he moderates them and doesn’t publish any that are not saying he is perfect, he’s more about taking people’s money, rather than customer service and decent juice and for recipes that are on here I started just making them myself was a lot cheaper and less stressful. So you should save your money and make the recipes that are on here

thanks nicnac i’ll keep that in mind, i do see a lot of good reviews and I wanted to know from people in case only certain reviews were published. I don’t think i’ll be paying for convenience then I’ll make them myself.