Cjj78-1 Magnetic Heating Stirrer

Okay my mag stirrer I ordered Friday from amazon just arrived

Seems like heat and power switches are mixed up.

Picture is 200 ml of 100% vg from liquid barn. No funnel but can see the bubbles in the vg moving around.

Picture is 450 ml of good old fashioned tap water from the kitchen sink.

Will be testing the heat feature and will update this post.

Edit 1 :

After heating vg , was able to turn spin bar speed up a little more and produce a small funnel in mix.

This is my first magnetic heating stirrer. Other than the power and heating being mis labeled. I see no problems

Vibrations : none
Sound: quiet as a mouse
Spin control : easy to use and adjust
Temperature control: on or off is only option . Plan to get a thermometer later so I can watch temp.

Comes with one magnetic bar an one back up fuse.

Would recommend getting a stirring bar retriever

As a add on to my order it only cost me $6.53


Do you have to buy the stir bar you put in the glass as well or is it included?

Thanks for sharing, may order one to try.

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Comes with one stir bar