Clapton Coil Jig free

It is gone. I gave this jig away. But I left the video up because it is a cool little device for somebody wanting claptons that do not know how to make them. the jig is not very expensive if someone is interested in buying one. Sorry if this has caused confusion. Again, I have givin the jig away.

Did you just edit it while i was watching it?and not just edit, screwed up the source :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry it wasnt working on my side here it is

Haha, no problem, was just thinking what the heck just happened, and i thought “ah, it might autoupdate the source when editing” :smiley:

I would LOVE to try this jig out. I’ve tried many times with the hand/drill method and always feel like a jig would do better. Also, I would be happy to throw a couple bucks your way via PayPal if you like.

I don’t understand the title. When I clicked, I thought was about making Clapton Coils without a jig. Then I see a video of a jig. As I clicked away, I thought, maybe someone is giving it away for free. Now, later, I see you mention it is $25. Anyway, I love my Clapton Coils :sunglasses:

@Samsound I was giving away the jig in the video, and when I gave it to somebody I edited the post instead of deleting it because it is much easier that way.

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