Clapton coil replacement compatibility

Hello, first of all not 100% certain im posting this in the right place,so sorry fo that…but i have just started vaping, got myself a smok rc80 and micro tfv4 smok…in the coil options of my mod it doesnt give me a clapton coil option,will i still be able to run the replacement clapton coil that comes with the kit? Regards

Yes - all of the smok coils will work, even the full size coils will fit but less room for juice, I use the RBA’s as the coils are expensive.

TF-CLP2 (Clapton Coil)
0.35Ω (30w-90w)Clapton Wire

Thanks a million,now i can vape without worrying if my tank is going to blow up in my face haha (newbie worries)…well since u mentioned that i can use the full size coils,do you mean the big coils for the original Tfv4?like TF-Q4?i am also planning on going rba,but at this moment finances are a bit hard,just started making my own diy,so mayb next month😝

Yeah that’s right, but like I said less room for juice. there are lots of videos on youtube about wicking the rba deck.

Wow!! Thank you for that info…funny how i have phoned 3 vape shops including the one i bought my starter kit from,(which didnt include the additional rba deck btw​:sweat:)and not one could give me a decent answer regarding my doubts,but in the near future i shall get myself a rba. Thanks a million, @John_Lewis :v:

No problem, I have both but prefer the mini based on weight.

I like folks like you so much better than the jerks who just do whatever and then cry on the news when their stuff explodes when anyone with any knowledge could have told them what they were doing would explode. Good on ya for asking!

Haha, I agree at least i got a place to clarify my doubts now✌️

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