Cleaning Manufactured coils

Is it possible to clean manufactured coils, Im currently using Smok T8 baby 4 coil type and they don’t last very long especially when vaping creamy type vapes.
As these are quite expensive it would be nice to get them to last a bit longer.

I have in past re wicked Inokin Isub standard coils but the smok are impossible.
So my only option is some sort of cleaning method.

Try soaking in a cheap vodka overnight before they get very bad let air dry 24hrs before use.


Along with cleaning with vodka you can take a safety pin and gently poke holes in the cotton. If you are coming from the side holes be careful to find an opening between the coils. At the the top opening just poke a couple places as deep as you can.

Thanks for info guys, I have just put 2 to soak
I have actually took one apart to see how gunked up they were and was quite surprised how clean the cotton was also the coils were pretty clean apart from middle part where they were black with like a sooty effect and I suppose this is why I was getting bad taste and like dry hit effect from them.

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Boil them 10 minutes in distilled water.

Try poking a qtip in the center. You can mold the cotton and make a soft point. Maybe some vodka on the qtip. Don’t use rubbing alcohol

The cotton on these coils is so compact its hard to try to even penetrate it with a pin without dislodging or damaging the coils, so I have just soaked them in vodka changing after 6 hours after it got discoloured and will remove later today then let dry for a couple of days and see how they perform.

Oh, I meant to go down inside the coil (lightly). I don’t have one of these, so not exactly sure how small the coils are wound (seen pics), but if air can pass so can some pointy cotton… heh splurge and buy the name brand Q-Tips® …those WallyWorld ones aren’t worth a damn :grin:

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Right see what you mean now, The gap in middle of coils are very small so might have to snip the bud down quite a bit to get it in but will give it a try

try a round tooth pic to see if it fits. If it does lightly rub the coil with it.

In the past when I used premade coils I would just run hot water on them for awhile and let them dry for a day or two as long as you don’t let them get to bad it should do the trick it worked for me :slight_smile:

Just running it under hot water for a few minutes and then letting dry for a few days works for me. I do this with the Cleito coils all the time.


Well I tried one of the cleaned coils today after letting dry for 24 hours and it works like new, very happy with result.


Am doing them in a small bottle of Isopropyl, soak and rattle shake a few times in 24, another with DW then dry, and BoDarc you’re right if you are trying to save someone from the dreaded Iso residue hit, those render merciless, but it just may be a more effective cleanse with Iso if you have the time, my coils seem brand new again also, the fast and easy would be the Vodka, I do like the boiling idea Beaufort…may be the very best, sounds very clean, unobtrusive, and hold with needle nose or hemostats while motioning through the boil, I will test in another week or so when this one slows down again, with DW. The pin idea works for Ijust S and I’m doing that before install for better flow due to liking high VG mix. Predicting far fewer coil purchases and getting them clean before trouble would be key, before coil burn from carbon hot spots, great ideas here. I don’t know the rationale of why they are packing many new coil designs so tight when everyone seems to be loving VG, is there a take on that? Thanks all, I’m out for now.

there is a YouTube video on how to rebuild them. take bottom out and to get build/cotton back in, slip it in a plastic tube and then remove the plastic (helps get cotton in there), but if you can do that, better to get an rta. 20bucks. premade coils are expensive and cleaning them will never give you the same flavor. rta you can rewick 5x a day if you need to for free (not that anyone would do that).

The RBA head for that is only like eleven bucks. I’ve got one and it is a really nice deck. Easy to build. Great flavor and fog with most any build.

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I agree 100% here with G Man as I have my Baby beast with rba deck on my Alien and swap a Cloud Beast out with my Goon on the other mod. Rebuildable is really the way to go imo. I tried following those vids best I could but still didn’t get the best back from an older coil. Of course it may have been me following instructions as never have been good at that,lol.

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