Clearing the air on e-cigarettes 10/7/2018 video

10 minute video, like we don’t know what the FDA and or Scott Gottlieb main “accomplishment” is. Though he’s one of many $$ making, Lying, contradicting FDA puppets in the USA. Eventually a whistle blower will come forth and the REAL Truth will hopefully get the attention of those that are brainwashed via News Media and all other sources of the corruption that still till this day is passed on to them, mainly because there minds are shut and programmed to believe Everything the Government tells them.
A personal example which was brought to my attention this past Sunday by 2 Great friends (mislead and closed minded/brainwashed mothers one being 86 yrs. and the other being 79 yrs old.
Unfortunately my 2 great friends are still smoking because there hooked still, no matter how hard I try to give them proof the vaping is a “Safer Alternative to smoking” by telling them the facts. BTW there mothers DECEASED husbands deaths both due to yup you guessed it complications that eventually led to there demise.
We all (6 of us total including another great friend, whos mother died from Cancer due to combusting of Tobacco (putting a flame to ignite) cigarettes in her case too. This friend is a non Tobacco smoker and he along with the others that day listened to my Paul Harveys version of “The Rest of the story” 2 of my friends that smoke, 1 that watched his mother die due to Cancer is all about listening to what I had to say. We’re all sitting outside at the table by there pool (me downwind from the Smoke) there mothers sitting right next to them (literally) and smoke there cigarettes and consume more second hand smoke. Me, trying to be respectful to them & try not to let my Vape blow near them at all. I’ve never seen to elderly woman jump up as fast as they could due to my vaping. (Scratching my head) they once again had to tell me how “unsafe” and how both would rather see them puffing on cigarettes then to encourage there kids 64 & 49 yrs old to stop smoking via a safer alternative keeping in mind there spouses died due to smoking and the millions of complications due to smoking. Every sentence they spoke to me ending in one of 2 things. 1. News Media says
2. The FDA said blah,blah,blah.
Unfortunately the above 2 Trumped ( no pun intended) everything I said. I let them speak and listened and I asked them if vaping would’ve been around before there spouses died would they have considered to help there spouses to quit smoking. And both answered the same, YES !! they would have done anything to help them quit.
So, I asked them next. Why is it that they won’t believe that there 2 kids ( I keep saying kids,can’t help it) have a opportunity to add a few more yrs to there lives by at least supporting them that since they’ve tried most other methods to attempt to STOP smoking and it didn’t work. Here’s a proven way out from smoking if they would read both sides of the story instead of just one side (FDA) now my friends are following the same path as there moms because our government said vaping is the same if not worse than smoking. It just totally baffels me how they won’t read the writing on the wall. BTW one spouse was issued cigarettes during the war and eventually 3/4 of one lung was removed and he stayed on oxygen for several yrs after removing most of one lung. And the other with almost every breathing complication along with cancer that contributed to his death. In my life I’ve watched in front of my presence many people die because of smoking, due to my job(before disabled) which was to help keep our patients comfortable as they went thru each stage of Death. Very hard to watch them die and all I could do was keep them comfortable and out of pain. That was my job comforting and consoling every day for many yrs. Every single patient whether they were 2 yrs old too 100 each one in order for us to care for them were all DNR. So on top of everything else they knew what my career was.
Thanks for listening and watch the video if you haven’t already done so. The video was put out October 7 I just stumbled on it almost 2 weeks later. I just wanted to share with everyone.


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