Clickable Ratings Header

I was just wondering how you guys configured the above. When I click the ratings header to sort, the ratings dont seem to be 100% in order. I presume its something to do with the amount of ratings per recipe as well. I wish there were two separate columns, one for sorting ratings, and one for sorting the number of ratings.

I believe it’s a mixture of # of ratings, how high the ratings are, and the number of comments.

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Hi @NinaVapes! First of all, thank you for all your duplicate work - I need to finish going through those! :smiley:

The recipe scores are calculated using a binomial proportion confidence interval - specifically the lower bound Wilson score interval. The result is quite good, in my opinion, as it takes number of rates as well as extreme lows and extreme highs into account to produce the final score :slight_smile:

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I’m not even going to “like” that because I don’t know if I do or not? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well how can you go wrong with this guy scoring them?


Thanks for your time to reply.

The binomial proportion confidence interval, seems very complex, still trying to wrap my head around all of that, might take me a while :confused:

Also no problem re the duplicate work, being somewhat OCD, it is just something I feel compelled to do :smiley:

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We’re a few that are like that :slightly_smiling: