[CLONE] Cloning taste of gods, wanna help?

Hoping for some help for those that have tried the original.
I used ELR to start me off but all the clones are missing the cream part, it’s barely noticeable but its there. the flavour description of TOG says its a sorbet as well. im like 95% the way cloning it either it way tastes great right now.

My recipe ended up like this

4% FW natural pineapple
4% CAP golden pineapple
7.5% TPA black currant
.5% vienna cream
.25% cap super sweet

1 drop 10ml TPA coco-extra
1 drop 30 ml FA coco
1 drop 20ml INW cactus
1 drop of TPA sour no matter the ML

Im thinking it might even be too much cream it’s good but mutes the pineapple a bit. Not sure if its the right cream but it works really well I may even like it better. its pretty sweet but might need to be sweeter to match the original and up cap pineapple? I also used 1% cap sweet mango its not in the original but gives body.
is there another better black currant I could use for this recipe? I’ve only tried TFA