[CLONE] Cosmic Fog’s Milk and Honey

Just bought Cosmic Fog’s Milk and Honey this morning out of curiosity to see what all the fuss was about.
Then vaped it and looked at all the clone recipes. Couldn’t believe all the hype this very average-tasting juice got.
All I tasted was ethyol Maltol( Strawberry Ripe); a bit of banana; some churro/ Zepolla type cinnamon flavour and a few drops of peanut butter. TPA Marshmallow to sweeten.Oh, a dab of some average tasting ice cream as a base, CAP VBIC.

To me Milk and Honey tastes like a botched fried ice cream effort by some extremely stoned student.

I think us mixers give too much credit to flavour companies who are only interested in profits margins, whereas for us folk, mixing is an absorbing hobby or craft we care about.



:laughing:That’s hilarious! And you managed to clone it too? SWEET!


private? so sorry. will fix that now!!!

Well the taste is in the ball park.The ingredients are there but I couldn’t be arsed tweaking them.Enjoy

Sorry about that. fixed! Enjoy

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There are some masterful recipes in the Commercial Realm, but there’s also some serious “Resting on Laurels” recipes that may have seemed to be the TiTs in 2015, but pale in comparison in 2018. As long as they’re getting orders for the junk, they’ll keep pumping it out.

You’ll get some easy agreement on most of your points, but Hey let’s not downgrade the efforts of “Stoned Students” :star_struck::sunglasses::smirk: they gave us things like the Skittles and Jalapeno Fried Cheetos Party Mix! Thx for the recipe share …I bet that could be made 100% CAP ala Charlie N


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I suppose we should applaud their creativity. Look what the hipsters have done for food culture


I’ve only ever tried Neon Cream from Cosmic Fog and I can’t say it was half bad. I wouldn’t buy it again but I remember I enjoyed it while it lasted.
I think there’s just so many recipes out there because there are so many different people who like different things. Someone else may think this is a stellar recipe.

I kinda expected a little bit of milk and honey in this recipe though, and a bit less banana, strawberry, buttery nuts, churro, marshmallow, meringue and ice cream


The combination of those ingredients gives it a honey taste. weird. You could use any cream or milk base with them. I find CAP or FW VBIC at low perecentages are good for a thick cream. The strawberry ripe at 2% is not used as a strawberry flavour only as a sweetner since it contains ethyl maltol, which is a sweetner.

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Looking on that French Site [cough] I see no less than 9 clone recipes for this recipe …all totally different. Good topic. Also looks like something you could make with all RF SC, but Commercial juice clonage looks like CAP and TPA …no one tried to go all CAP or all TPA and no Milk and Honey (Flavorah) for example. Interest piqued…


? :upside_down_face:

here’s one


Seems legit. I read their Commercial description and I believe the Marshmallow to be high top note, so yeah 3% You know that if you indeed knew the recipe it’s be simple like this.

The Custard looks low enough might be SnV-ey for a quick peek …and my scale is next to me plugged in

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what French site?

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I get Banana and and strong taste of ethyl maltol (strawberry ripe) which I think might be in tpa Graham cracker clear. I also get a kind of deep fried ginger/ cinnamon pastryish taste, hence the Cap churro, which has a rubber glove plastic kind of taste you get from CAP flavours. Marshmallow is high in the mix too.
I didn’t bother tinkering with the flavours. I just took one shot at it and threw those ingredients together based on what I could tasted

Defintely get no custard from it. some cheap-tasting crap like CAP Sweet Cream

By the way, i’'m no pro mixer, only been at it 7 months but have got to know bakery flavours better. Still on that steep learning curve

No worries Mate this is not a critique of your input, which let’s just call “ignition”. Your subjective flavor experience is not a “right or wrong” kinda thing here. Hey I just mixed that TPA recipe, so Mission Accomplished as Original Poster …kudos to you Sir (or Ma’am).

I’m drying down some cotton in my RDA and about to test, but my finger test says Custard TPA + MM = honey …maybe some V Swirl action in there too. Interesting that those clone recipes skipped trying to add actual “Milk & Honey” flavoring …they do try to throw us off the Clone Trail! :wink: BRB

TECH NOTE: The Graham Cracker should be edited to Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) if you’re adapting the above recipe posted by @anon28032772

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Have you seen the crazy recipes on ELR. FW Graham Cracker 8% ! Jaysus!

oh jesus! please critique away mate😉. i’m not one bit bothered about this recipe. it was incidental so have a bash at it and compare to the recipe I put together.

That’s what I love about ELR. open dialogue