[Cloned] Cyclops Poseidon

To my satisfaction I have after several iterations cloned Cyclops Poseidon. It took a lot of time. Is it exact? Probably not. If I fill a tank and vape it can I tell? I couldn’t when I made this last recipe so I made 720ml of it and it’s been very popular with local people. I have been using this site to get my ratios correct using the calculator and just now found the forums and figured I would share as a thanks for the calculator as a resource.


Congrats and enjoy! I wish I knew what it felt like to clone my favorite juice…alas, the mix will forever be a secret!

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Awesome! Congrats! :smile:

I was gonna keep it to myself but I’m not running a business. I just make large quantities and sell enough to smoke for free. Smokin’ my own supply!


Thanks for the share… I love a good clone.

Edit: 200 flavors and I have no Papaya… On my to do list.

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The Papaya is one key flavor for sure.

How long are you steeping and breathing this for? I’ve made it a few times, by wieght and by ml, and neither have tasted even remotely similar to me

I wish I could clone collosus
My favorite cyclops juice
I have a nice VC
But something about collosus just awesome