Closed vs Open nonsense

This perplexed me and I kept looking for an Aha! moment…never found any such moment. Evidently the Blu and the Bo systems are touting this nonsense to hype their products. This is from the Bo description:

“A “Closed System” Device refers to a specific type of Electronic Cigarette device that uses an E-Liquid reservoir that is both non-refillable and disposable. This allows for the 1.6 mls flavor pods to be easily swapped out with its user friendly design, giving the user a number of flavor options. Bo offers this type of variety with its revolutionary design.”

Poppycock… they are “pods”… and as such (and now they are common and can be refilled) they are in reality not much different than a tank atomizer. I can have several RTAs to swap out if I want. None of which is to say that I do not like the damn things. I have several “pod” devices and like the handiness of the things… I just don’t like it when I am trying to be “played”.

The actual “big deal” newness of the pod systems, in my opinion, is the pure coincidental emergence of the Juul pods with the Salt based Nic solution. When you ramp up one of these low-powered devices with some amped-up High Nic juices then you have something new and unique. It is not the device, it is the juice.

Again quoting from the Bo site:

“Also bringing Bo beyond its competitors is the innovative use of Salt Based Nicotine. With the strength of 35mg in the pods, Salt Nicotine E- Cigs provide a more authentic experience for users as it metabolizes 200 times faster than standard nicotine based products. This coupled with the closed circuit design make for a higher level of nicotine at a far smoother level of delivery for the consumer.”

Sorry Bo… Salt Nic is not “your” innovation. Sorry for the rant… hype just bugs me. I’m also not too keen on the idea of marketing high levels of Nic.


@DisplayName9 If only they could make Vaping as addictive as cigarettes! Don’t fuss too much about claims they are not refillable when they are …may be trying to meet some legal requirement to be one-time-use (“closed”) so those damn DIYers can’t bastardize (refill with low-cost e-juice) Valid topic. Nice reporting.

Hey? If they help more people quit smoking …we all know where many will end up eventually (here!)


I am really enjoying watching the big dogs chasing their collective tails (Big Tobacco/Juul, et al). As we speak, I have a Vapeccino pod device… as far as I know it is an Asian designed setup with no particular affiliations as to the commercial marketing of the “pods”. Meaning they are simply selling me a device and a re-fillable pod. I spend $30 bucks and mix my own juice.

Hence, this cannot be allowed to play out because I have some freedom of choice and can choose not to buy a Juul. If anyone does not see the insanity of the FDA and Big Tobacco being in bed together then they are blind.


Undivided we cannot be defeated… Any links for that Vapeccino?

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I ordered from here… good service, quick shipping


Meh. This is nothing to get all twisted over. Look at it this way…at least you’re knowledgeable enough to be able to recognize marketing bullshit. The average unknowing consumer on the other hand doesn’t have that luxury.

I have 6 grandkids…its about them…
I hear what you are saying but you know… Meh.