Clothes Dryer Technique

well we joked about putting a few bottles in some jeans in a washing machine on spin cycle and then to a clothes dryer for a cycle. well I today put a 60ml and a 30ml in the dryer on a 90minute cycle with wet clothes. it stops every 20 seconds to go the other direction. after the juice cooled i tried it vs the unsteeped stuff. definitely improved it. way more vapable than the unsteeped stuff is only 2 days old… wow. so yeah there u have it. (tape lids shut if u worried)


lol, well i wrap mine in a few socks to soften the blows a bit then inside a zip lock bag. i added some sheets to the dryer and only did it for 10 mins tops. I thought it be good alternative to manually shaking a SNV but if it adds a few days, thats great!

Hope it wasn’t Plastic bottles
But then I would worry about breaking the glass ones
whatever works for you that is cool
If it got all in my dryer the wife would kill me

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just “accidentally leave it in your jeans pocket” ha i would only do it with PET - it doesnt get super hot. its like about near to the hot bath temp.

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Someone should write a white paper for Desperation Steeping with all the methods.


I love it and been there done that. yet a new phrase created in vaping.