Cloud island waffle stack

Hi, loving the cloud island waffle stack, has anyone made a good clone of this ?

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Welcome @dannyj81! This is the Forum side of ELR but the ELR HOME is a flavor and recipe search and recipe calculator tool. Be sure to read the Guide there and look at some of the brilliant Beginner threads back here on the Forum

For Clone REQs it helps if you don’t make us google :wink:

Plus a quick description saves us time helping you
"A stack of crunchy, deep-fried doughy waffles, dusted in sugar and drizzled with syrup. Served with a generous quenelle of cream and a plump red strawberry !!"

[TRANSLATION] Waffles with whipped cream/strawberries. Use the Recipe Search Tool to find Strawberry waffles and browse through some of the recipes. You can also just search for “Waffles” …either way there’s no quick answer to making something great …no substitute for reading how to DIY e-juice.

Step one you have to buy the right flavors …which ones? Be sure to read the “beginner thread” link above, it is one of our most popular information resources