Cloudy concentrates

I recently purchased a few flavours from unfamiliar companies. One of them is cloudy, tart au citron by chefs flavours. Why might this be? I assume it’s simply a property of one of the compounds within, but it can also suggest microbial contamination. Anyone use this specific flavour before, or experienced similar transparency issues with other flavours? Was it a one off, or were subsequent batches cloudy?
I was also thinking that it could be a colloidal/micro oil-in-water emulsion?
I don’t really care about aesthetics, but a cloudy juice is always suspicious.
Thanks for any help.


Certain citrus flavorings have a clear like cloudiness to them. I have mandarin by flavorart that is cloudy as well! Believe it has to do with acid content in flavoring. Nothing to worry about. The flavor I mentioned gives me a dirty rag or sock like flavor which is gross! It’s a flavor that I will never use again, so I tried some other citrus flavors like blood orange as well as sweet tangerine and they don’t do that to me so those are my preferred orange flavors. Blood orange also has a slight cloud to it as well.


Just an update, so no one avoids the flavour I mentioned, after 24 hours in a mix it’s become clear.


The cloudiness can be the presence of an oil based flavor and normally is used in a small enough amount in a mix that the cloudiness is undetectable. just my :red_circle: :red_circle: worth, sorry for the crappy pennies @daath we need a 2 cents emoji


Cloudiness can be caused by multiple things, though flavors like mandarin are generally from natural ingredients, it’s actually pretty common and can change from batch to batch depending on the natural flavor and the amount used, since no two apples or oranges are the same. You should see FA Distilled Lime Tahiti in a large bottle. It looks like swamp scum.

Also PG and VG are antimicrobial, just a FYI. =)

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Of course they are :grinning: don’t know how that slipped my mind. I was even discussing exactly that just the other day, when a Co worker suggested diy juice can make you sick :joy: Thanks for the correction.

I just mixed some Butter (FA), Brown Sugar (RFSC) and Banana Cream (clear) (LA). The mix is cloudy. I’ve used the LA Banana Cream before and no cloudiness. Is it the Butter or Brown Sugar and will it clear after awhile?