Cloudy ejuice

why is my ejuice cloudy ??? i made a juice that consisted of pineapple , coconut , sweet cream , bavarian cream and marshmallow , after all was said and done my juice is cloudy it has been two days and still cloudy usually after i shake the hell out of it and it settles the juice is nice and clear , any reasons why this would happen ? could it be the coconut ( cap ) or pineapple ( tfa ) ??

2 days is nothing once you introduce creams. Bavarian needs a good 2 week steep, could be a mix of that along with the coconut and pineapple clouding it up. Give it at least a week to clear. Shake and let some sir in daily, close it up, put it away to steep again. I have a cloudy one here too, also 2 days old. It doesn’t even have any creams in the mix.

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Short answer: PINEAPPLE (tfa)


I agree with @5prock3t. The likely culprit here is the pineapple. I know a lot of citrus flavors sometimes cause clouding with liquid (FA Bergamot is bad about that) and I know for a fact it’s not the coconut (I use Cap coconut a lot) unless it is some sort of weird reaction with a combo. If you’re worried about it, I’d try a mix without the pineapple and see if that clears it up. It generally shouldn’t be cause for concern and should still be ok to vape.


Second the agree with @5prock3t, try switching over to Capella Golden Pineapple, never had any cloudiness with it and IMHO it’s tastes more like real pineapple. Before you shake the juice each day burp it. (squeeze all the air out of the bottle 2 or 3 time, shake it till your arm is going to fall of then switch hands and repeat. Let it settle for a few minutes and burp again. seal and put back in dark cabinet repeat daily for first week then do it every 2 or 3 days for another week. See what you have then. I do have one juice that is a little cloudy no matter what I do. but it tastes just perfect.


Shorter answer: Steep.

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i only use glass bottles so how long to breathe each time

will the cloudiness go away ???

i know that two days isnt enough time to steep im talking about the cloudiness all myrecipes i use have creams but never any cloudiness

It can with a lengthy steep, but doesnt always.
I use as little as 2% in my mix, and its still very powerful, I look forward to trying the cap golden pineapple in my recipe.

Give it a week capped steep, I bet it’ll clear up. It’s not as simple as it being just one ingredient either. It’s how the ingredients are gelling together. You could give it a hot bath and a good shake and put it back to steeping, this might speed up the clearing process. And it won’t do any harm. Talking 15mins in a cup of hot water.

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