Cloudy Flavorings You Wished You Never Got

Ok, it’s so frustrating when you buy a batch of flavorings with your good money only to discover certain flavors just always turn your juice cloudy. I feel I embarrass myself, though I know there’s just no diff vaping it or that it happens sometimes in certain combination with other flavors. But the ones that consistently “spoil” my craftwork I don’t want to buy.

So, I’d love to know from the experienced mixers here which ones just never worked for you, and if you found an alternate source’s flavoring that doesn’t cloud your juice.

Royal Raspberry (LA) is on my “don’t buy again” list, always clouded my juices.

Tart Green Apple (TFW) turned my mix cloudy. Granny Smith (LA) never did and seemed to have always worked great.

What’s your experience out there? Or just don’t let it get to you with a milky juice in the tank?


Long ago I used a pineappleand it always turned my liquid cloudy , but the concentrate was crap so just stopped using it …

Is this the LorAnn Royal Raspberry ???


I hope not , be careful with flavors this contains oil


I have never had a cloudy mix. I assume the ones with oil would cloud a mix eh?


Other than the aesthetics, what would be the problem with a cloudy juice? I’m seriously interested.


Yeah, that’s the one, anyways I regret getting the large bottle of Royal Raspberry. Guess it’s going to make a trip to my baking pantry.


I’ve had one flavor make a mix cloudy:
Blue Dwarf (Ina)

It had no negative impact whatsoever on the flavor of the mix.

I’m with @natbone here…

On another note…

I could see how this might be the case after shaking (etc), but even then, I would think that if it contained oil, that it would still separate once it’s left alone for a while…


I found natural lemonade by flavour west also makes a mix cloudy doesn’t change the flavour so I just vape it