Cloudy mix Help

I started mixing my own flavours and so far its going well.
Today I mixed a new strawberry milkshake and it has come out cloudy. I can’t figure it out.
Is this cloudy liquid safe to use?

This is the mix

Strawberry (Ripe) - Flavor Apprentice 4%
Sweet Strawberry (new RF) CAP 1%
Shisha Strawberry - Inawara 3%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - Capella 3%
Vanilla Whipped Cream - Capella 2%
Rich Ice Cream - One Pound 2%
Marshmallow 0.5%


Cloudy Mixes happen with certain flavors …I am not sure about a couple of these but the

SB Ripe
cap VBIC snd Whipped cream arent your problem

What MM is that ??

The other flavors I havent used. Yes its safe to mix and afyer a few days it might clear up


Sorry, didn’t realise I missed that one.
It’s Marshmallow CAP


The tfa, capella and inawera does not cloud after you mix it. Maybe it’s the rich ice cream?
Try to mix just the rich ice cream and see if it cloudy first.


I agree with @delltrapp :I had this issue with One Pound concentrates.

Personally I switched to FA DX Bavarian Cream as my base for all rich ice cream blends and then added fruit or other flavours from FA, Capella, Flavorah, Vape Train or Flavor West (they all do a better job).


The shisha banana I have always turned the mix cloudy for some reason: no other flavour seems to do it :thinking:

Still taste fine though and seems to clear up a bit over time.

Course not being into fruits really, I haven’t seen cloudiness in any dessert/cream/bakery flavours but also of the other 3 fruits I have it’s only the shisha banana.