Cloupor GT Review!

So this is a bit of a run down for the Cloupor GT

This came from 3Fvape and it costs 51.99 USD I’ve been using it as my daily carry for a full 7 days and all up i’m pretty seriously impressed but as with any gear there are one or two little issues with it that I will run through in the tale end of this!

If you just fancy looking at the pictures here is the album.

So first things first specs…

Product specs

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy.

  • 510 connection: Sprung (possibly gold plated!).

  • Power source: Dual 18650 and the polarity is marked.

  • Modes: VV, VW, TC.

  • Standard 5 click on and off.

  • compatible with: Kanthal (VV/VW) and nickel(TC).

  • Capable of: 0.5-7 Volts, 1-80 watts, 10- 80 Joules, 200-600 Fahrenheit or 100-300 Celsius.

  • In TC mode it will operate from 0.1 Ohm to 0.3 Ohm and in VV/VW it will run from 0.1 to 3.5 ohm (I have not tested the upper range fully, I ran it at 2.2ohm but not over).

  • Max output current 20A (this is according to the spec sheet as I have been unable to test this).

  • Auto cut off at 15 seconds.

  • Size: 95mm x 22.5mm x 54mm (these are my own measurements the ones on multiple vendor sites appear to be wrong).

  • weight: with 2 x Samsung 25r’s 191g (empty 101g).

  • Door type: Dual bar magnet.

  • Charging port: NO (you will need an external charger) worth noting there is no USB port either so I wouldn’t expect firmware upgrades.

  • Package contents: 1x mod, 4x Replacement magnets in a little pot, 1x Warranty card, and 1x Instruction book (no little blue screwdriver to be seen!)

and that about wraps up the content and basic stats for this mod! next we will have a play with its capabilities.

Features and capabilities

In all honesty this thing shines in a few areas mostly the simple practicality of it (and including the fact I am yet to catch fire!) I’ve spent a couple of days playing in VV / VW modes and i’m not noticing any issues with over or underpower it’s smooth and consistent across the board and shows little to no drop off as the batteries run down.

The menus are clean and very easy to use, flipping between VV / VW / TC the screen “moves the triangle” so the large figures that show are relevant to the mode and the two smaller figures show resistance and either wattage or voltage.

You can lock the power or temp so you don’t get an unexpectedly high hit and while in TC mode you are able to adjust the joule settings once you have set the resistance which brings additional flexibility into getting your vape how you would like it. Essentially it has everything a modern mod should do!

One of the more interesting features is “smart auto temperature control” which to the rest of us means it will decide the Joules for the optimum vape at the temperature you decide but as previously mentioned you can override it and set it yourself!

All the standard safety features, low battery (at 6.6v), overheat protection, reverse polarity protection, short protection (at 0.05ohm or lower) so all the basics are good however Its worth noting in TC mode it will adjust and fire kanthal coils at less then 0.5 ohm but strangely not over 0.5…

What it doesn’t have and hopefully doesn’t need is vent holes as such, in the event of the device failing it will vent from the top of the battery door, I also wouldn’t expect the door to hold as its held on purely with two mid strength bar magnets, no rails or pins at all. However with that said I have seen Cloupor are releasing a silicon sleeve which I can see being a major issue in the event of catastrophic failure but with that in mind it may be designed to break/split in a similar way to the invader mini I just don’t know right now.

It has couple of nice little touches that I really appreciate in that it has a left/right handed mode which flips the screen and will work in both Celsius and Fahrenheit so you can customise your settings a little and use what your most comfortable with.


  • Tiny!!! (95mm x 22.5mm x 54mm).

  • Very light.

  • Solid feel.

  • Great battery life, I’m getting a couple of days from it with two 25R’s.

  • More then enough power (for me) for general use and has VV, VW and TC modes.

  • Temperature protection works well and is flexible.

  • It has a sprung 510 (why is this not standard these days!?).

  • Nice straight forward interface with all the relevant details (left/right handed mode as well).

  • Really nice buttons almost soft touch but still solid.

  • Power/temp locking

  • I actually think it looks pretty good too!


  • Shallow 510 meaning long atty 510’s connections such as the magma will sit very proud of the mod body however most I have tried are fine (Cthulhu, Derringer clone, Plume veil 1,5 clone, holmes v2, rogue clone, freakshow mini).

  • Rounded edges to the top of the box body mean there is a perception of overhang unfortunately however it doesn’t bother me anything like as much as I thought it would and doesn’t seem to catch on things!

  • No battery ribbon (i’m going to be sticking one in).

  • Screen could be brighter for direct sunlight but I think that’s true of all reg boxes!

  • It really should have vent holes as well as a door designed to come off.

  • You could say no charging port is a con aswell but as I don’t charge my batteries in mods so it’s not an issue in my eyes.

personal observations / conclusion

I’m really impressed with this, its light, small, gets a couple of days battery life from it, does what its supposed to and feels pretty sturdy! This has been my daily carry for the past week now and I don’t see that changing however there are some to me fairly minor issues with.

For the price at this stage (47 Euro or 33 GBP) I honestly don’t think this can be beaten right now! However I really would like to see better venting, this is an excellent product but its a basic thing to have the extra piece of mind that a few vent holes bring.

I would actually recommend this, Its worked faultlessly and performs brilliantly i’m very happy with it!

If anyone has any questions then i’m more then happy to answer as best I can!


Great to see proper implementation of temp control in a budget mod.
This is now within the price range of most vapers.
The 40 Watt I-Stick has also joined the TC party.
Now lets see the price of TC Coils come down!

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Yeah it would be nice to see more affordable gear generally, that said theres RTA/clearo kits like the ijust2 getting really cheap. Im tempted to get one to have a go!

I’m happy with mine, the price was good; $46 shipped from Cigabuy. . First time ordering directly from China and everything went smoothly with delivery in 9 days. It does have a couple of issues, battery door is loose and makes a clicking noise during normal use such as picking it up or hitting the fire button. This is less of an annoyance if you hold the device in your left hand as pressure is exerted on the door. The 510 atty connector is slightly off center so a tank just barely hangs off one side and is inset on the other. No biggie unless your OCD falls into the severe category.The software/firmware appears stable, though simplistic. No stealth mode, or key lock in TC and I have inadvertently changed temp as my little finger lands right on the up/down buttons when holding it. No puff counter or total vaping time counter. I personally don’t miss these last two and have had no glitches ala my evic’s. Like the evic, the atomizer set/lock is a little shaky, my .15 ohm coils jumping to an indicated .17 from time to time. The auto joule feature will be nice for most, but for me the vape is too cool so I’ve been setting that manually (460f and 45j seems to be my happy spot at the moment). As noted in the review there are no vent holes in the battery door, so I drilled my own at the top and bottom of the door, easily accomplished as the door has a dimpled surface that serves as a hole locator. Battery consumption is about average, I’m getting about 2 days or +/- 12ml of juice used on Samsung 25r’s. All in all a nice little mod, especially at that price.

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Interesting, perhaps there are some QC issues? Ive not heard of any others with problems yet.

Yeah in tc im running mine around the same, auto joule works well but i like a touch more warmth!

Thanks for the review.
I’ve been using 2 Cloupor Mini (s), 1 silver and 1 black for many months. The size fits my hand well. It is a little heavy, but well built. They are great, great, great with only one downfall I find and have to deal with. When the light goes out, there is a .8 second delay before it starts. So, after you don’t repeat puffs and come back to it, you’ll have that wait on the first puff. The other issue is overcome if you put a skin on it. Like most other magnetic battery covers, it’s a bit shifty without a skin. But, I use a skin on both of mine. Joya

Good point, no condom provided with mod but I see they are available for a couple bucks…Thanks

Это очень даже неплохой мод за свои деньги…Режим АВТО это одна из фишек которых пока нет у других производителей.
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It’s a very good value for your money … AUTO mode is one of the chips which are unavailable from other manufacturers.
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