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With the slew of temperature control mods we’ve been seeing lately, we’ve seen a steady trend of small single 18650 devices.
We saw the same thing with regular powermode mods, with mods like the Sigelei 50W, the IPV Mini, or the Cloupor Mini.
That last one just got a temperature controlled cohort, the Cloupor Mini Plus, and I’ll be telling you a bit about it today.

This Cloupor Mini Plus was sent to me for the purpose of this review by!


The first generation of the original Cloupor Mini was plagued with bad news, from catching batterywraps to a hotglue mess, upto venting batteries while charging.
Cloupor immediately got a bad reputation because of this, which is more than understandable…
Later on they recovered the Cloupor Mini with a second generation of the mod which had the kinks worked out.
Then came the Cloupor GT which was apparently a very nicely built mod, without a hotglue mess inside or any of the autofiring issues.
Now Cloupor attempts to compete with mods like the IPV D2 and the Evic VTC Mini, with another generation of the Mini, the Cloupor Mini Plus.

With competition like the IPV D2, Cloupor will have to prove their worth… But did they?
Sit back and have a read…

Cloupor Mini Plus


  • Stainless Steel
  • Floating 510 connection
  • Magnetic batterydoor
  • Temperature control for Ni200 and Ti01
  • 1W to 50W poweroutput, or 10J to 50J in TC mode
  • 0.1ohm to 3.5ohm in powermode, 0.1ohm to 0.5ohm in TC Mode for Ni200, 0.1ohm to 0.8ohm in TC mode for Ti01
  • 200°F to 600°F or 100°C to 300°C for temperature limiting
  • Automatic power adjustement mode in TC mode
  • Silicone sleeve included
  • Retractable USB Charging Cable included


The box the Cloupor Mini Plus came in is a beauty really.
It’s a simple white box with a couple of colors intersparsed in globes, but it’s beautiful design.
Inside you’ll be greeted with a blue creditcard of sorts. It’s not an actual creditcard, but a VIP card that contains your mods serialnumber.
It has no other use as far as I can tell, so there you go…
Underneath you’ll find the usermanual which has the same styling as the box, white with colored globes.
It’s fairly well illustrated and besides a few spellingerrors the English isn’t too bad.
With the extras out of the way, you’ll have the mod sitting in a foam insert with a USB charging cable next to it.
A nice addition is the little plastic box with extra magnets sitting just above the mod, first time I’ve encountered that.

A few photos…


If you’ve read my review of the IPV D2, you’ll find that this is actually very familiar.
The Cloupor Mini Plus has about the same specifications, is about the same size and costs about the same too.
So where does the difference lie? For one, in the menu structure…
Where the D2 was simple and very straightforward, the Cloupor Mini Plus makes a few weird turns to set the options.
Locking the resistance is the same as any other TC enabled mod these days, you lock it by pressing and holding both the + and - buttons.
If you hold it long enough, it’s also the way to switch between Ti and Ni.
Once your resistance is locked in, the display will show you the temperature which you can then adjust with the + and - buttons.
So how do you set the power? By holding the up and fire buttons… A bit strange if you’re used to the D2.
It will output between 10J and 50J, just as the D2 does, but the Cloupor Mini Plus adds an extra function to the poweroutput.
It can set the power automatically in coherence with your set temperature, and it actually works quite well!
Doing the dry cotton test, the rayon I had wicked my atty with didn’t get singed. Not when I set it to 50J, not when I set it to auto.
In that regard, the chip seems to work very well and respond very quick.
To put the mod in powermode, hold the firebutton and down button and it will switch to wattage mode.
Hold the buttons a little longer, and it will cycle through to voltage mode.
When using the mod in powermode, you can push up to 50W or 7V which should be enough to run most modern RTAs and tanks. (Unless we’re talking the heavier bastards like the TFV4, Herakles or the Billow)

And then we come to the one thing that irks me about this mod… the batterylife.
In powermode it does well, a little less than the D2 actually but still very acceptable.
In TC mode though, the batterylife is appalling. I can get about 3 hours out of it running a 0.12ohm Ti build in auto mode, which compared to the D2 is a very short span.
Where the mod does temperature control very well, it does batterylife very badly.


I have to hand it to Cloupor, the Mini Plus is a beautiful mod.
The white one I have here has a pearlescent shine to it, and the paintjob is very thick and sturdy.
It doesn’t seem prone to scratching either, but that might be because I’m using it mostly with the silicone sleeve around it.

The reason I use it with the sleeve is simple; the batterydoor is as loose as a pornstars vagina. (pardon the rather graphical analogy)
If you use the mod without the sleeve, the door will push aside every time you grab the mod.
The magnets try their best to hold it in place, but the way the door is made doesn’t allow to lock it into place really.
A small edge on the inside would’ve solved this, and saved me a lot of aggravation.

The display is very clear, even in direct sunlight. No complaints there.
It shows batterystatus, set temperature (or auto) when in TC mode, wattage or voltage in powermode, and resistance of the coils.

And then we come to another part that irks me to no end…
Underneath the plastic cover in the batterycompartement, where the chip sits, is a mess of hotglue.
And when I say a mess, I mean a fucking mess. The chip is basically held in place by as much hotglue as they could possibly cram in there.
Cloupor, when will you learn? Hotglue is not a suitable replacement for screws!

A few more photos…

Comparing it to the IPV D2, the mods are about the same size.

Pros and Cons.


  • Small, tiny, mini
  • TC mode works very well
  • Beautiful paintjob
  • Silicone sleeve included
  • Crisp display
  • Ti01 support
  • Beautiful packaging


  • Batterydoor is loose
  • Hotglue
  • Menu is not as intuitive as the D2
  • Hotglue
  • Batterylife is bad in TC mode
  • Hotglue

In conclusion.

The Cloupor Mini Plus is a decent device, but it has a lot of room for improvement.
The hotglue mess is unforgiveable, and should be fixed in the second iteration of this mod.
The display is clear and crisp, the buttons are nice and tactile, and the mod itself looks and feels very well in the hand.
I’m quite fond of the pearlescent white paint, but I’m less fond of the fact that I can’t use the mod without the silicone sleeve without losing my batterydoor.
Overall the Cloupor Mini Plus is not a bad buy at all but as with most Cloupor mods, the second iteration will be improved.
It leaves me with mixed feelings…

In closing I would like to thank for sending me the Cloupor Mini Plus for review!
And of course all of you readers, thank you very much!

Join me next time as I curse and swear at the Joyetech EGO CT, a small yet innovative temperature controlled mod.

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
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