Cloves: Warning

One of the big goals I had when Is started making juice (way back about 4 days ago) was that I wanted to recreate a brand of cigarillos called “Nat Sherman’s 'Hint ‘O Mint’” and also Darjeeling Cloves.

I have totally lucked out and gotten very close to the Hint O’ Mints via sheer blind luck by mixing 2 flavors from together --Mellow Gold and Cool Mint–)

Cloves: whole other animal:smiling_imp:. I was not aware how STRONG the clove flavor is. I mixed it with Bold Tobacco thinking I would be somehere in the ballpark at 50/50. Not even remotely close, I thought I was going to die as soon as the vape hit my throat.

This is just a cautionary tale…I still am not sure what the proper %'s are to recreate a ‘clove cigarette’ (looking into recipes now) but I can say to anyone just starting out: This may be one of those few times you dispense a flavor using the ‘drops’ unit of measure. If I could get smaller then that I would.:slight_smile:

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@UncleTopher - ever applied a tiny drop of clove oil as a remedy for a toothache? That stuff is strong. I would try no more than 10% of your flavoring (NOT 10% of the total recipe, just 10% of the flavoring) as clove to start with. Same goes for peppermint. I tried making a chocolate-peppermint blend at a 50/50 ratio, and it was simply unvapeable. Sometimes less is more.

I do love a good clove vape. After much searching, I finally found a couple of flavors that are super nice clove cig vapes. ECX 234 Dji Sam Soe and/or Hangsen Black Label (Dajarum). No muss, no fuss…either one of these flavors at under 3% in a mix are super; plus, I get the tobacco with the clove to boot. :grinning:

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I had (what I think is) single flavor FW clove from a vendor once. First puff was like Christmas ham without the ham!

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that’s what I am attempting to mimick with the bold tobacco/clove flavor. It only occurred to me after tasting that overpowering (and slightly painful clove flavor) mixture, that in your typical Darjeeling there is WAY more tobacco than cloves. So…not sure what I was thinking. I am currently trying to dilute it so I don’t lose the batch. We’ll see.

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I tried lots of concentrate combinations, but nothing compares to the HS or ECX tobaccos I’ve listed; it’s all right there in those bottles.

Good luck on your journey.

is HS for Horchata Smooth? I had heard that Horchata is the “secret something” tucked away in some killer recipes…

HS = Hansen concentrates

doh…I was WAY off on that one. I am literally having to keep google open on my other monitor as I read the forums, so I can decode all the acronyms. :smiling_imp: Feels like I am learning and stuff…

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A wrinkled brain is good thing! :wink:

You’ll have it down pat in no time flat…and there will be a test! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

uh oh…

I HAVE been keeping notes…as of last PM anyway. Another batch went down the tubes and while I am sitting flush with flavors etc I can see where they would go quickly. Especially those little 8mL tester sizes. So I don’t repeat mistakes (cloves overkill, chai tea total disaster) I am writing meticulous notes and making sure every little nuance is logged.

And…the start up cost keeps going up as I learn about new toys on the forums.

Speaking of costs…Out of curiosity: DO you use a USC or Magnetic Mixer/heater? Either one would definitely be a big $$ investment for me. SO far I am just using time and cool dark cabinets to do my work for me…which once I get a good flow of batches cycling in and out, it shouldn’t be an issue from a time/lack of juice standpoint. These machones look like they are bad to the bone and I am not getting a clear picture if they are necessary to make the really REALLY gourmet-good juices or if they are a convenience.

I just hate to buy something that is that expensive and find out the other, cheaper ways were better all along. I’m asking everyone I come across and trying to get a general consensus on this one…the forum thread I was reading really looked into what they were more and had solid where to go/buy info, but I didn’t get a feel for their necessity.


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Nope, never felt like it was something I needed. I just warm my mix in a bowl of warm white rice (the rice being microwaved at about 30 sec or so) and use a small milk frother to blend the fresh mix. Then I let it steep for days/weeks depending upon the concentrates used in the mix. :grinning:

Here’s a slew of other opinions:

…lots of reading there! :wink:

P.S. I’ve only been mixing about 1 1/2 years; it feels like a decade though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

right on! I haven’t been doing any steeping (heating) in my recipes but I do use a small milk frother/whisk/whip to mix the solution to a bubbly mess, then into the cupboard it goes. I haven’t pinned down a time on any specific ingredients, I just plan on a week and then sniff test each batch when I do their daily hand shake. The clove is FINALLY calming down in smell and taste test but still spicy as hell on the tongue. I am afraid to vape it…lol. Same for the Chai. It has been almost a week and it is just starting to mellow out a bit. It’s strange as another batch I made (Dragon’s Milk) which is my first posted recipe was totally vapable almost immediately, but I am seeing it just keeps getting better every day it sits. Going to make a BIG batch of that stuff once I have it nailed down…it is damned close to the “Space Milk” I buy from the corner vape store at $30/ 50mL.

How long do you hit them with the frother? As I said I go mainly by bubbles/appearance but that varies depending on flavors. I do 2 sets of about 2-3 mins each on everything right now.

If you are in for 1.5 years that’s still about 1.49999 more than me, so…I appreciate your wisdom, kimo sabe!!:smiling_imp:

Oh, I usually froth the mix til it turns milky white-ish with air bubbles, let it go clear, and hit it again; do this about 5 times or until the mix cools down.

perfect…about the same here. I had to send back my frother though…it would bog down almost immediately upon insertion into the mix…I need one with more !!!THUNDER!!!.