CLR Rebuildable Head for Joyetech Ego One Mega

Did you by chance get the Ego One Mega tank? Some of us got them with our purchase of an Ego or eVic as a kit.
As RBA tanks go, it’s not high on my list of ones to use. The stock coils, whether kanthal, Nickel or Titanium, are just not there for me. If someone is moving up from a clearomizer like the Kanger Aerotank or maybe a carto of some kind then yes, it’s a good boost up.

What many people don’t realize is this is actually one that can be rebuilt. Joyetech calls it the CLR Head. It’s easy to build and is a vast improvement over the stock coils. I use mine just because it has the matching paint job as the eVic Vt - which looks so damn cool with that automotive finish.

Here we go…

This is what the RBA looks like when you get it. It comes with a kanthal build preinstalled so you can use it right away. Just wet up the wick, install and vape. Or, if you want to use a different wire like I did, pull that stock coil out and rebuild your way.

Unscrew the top, pull the pin and grommet from the bottom and then remove the coil. So from left to right that is pin, grommet, body and cap (or that’s what I’m calling them).

Next just wind your coil. If you notice, the body has a slot on the top. Its easiest to keep your screwdriver, drill bit or whatever you wound the coil on in place when you insert the coil. These slots can only accommodate about 2.5 mm bit so if you build bigger, like 3mm then just pull your coil off that bit and insert one small enough to go down in the slots. Below is what I did. Built 3mm titanium then once I spaced the windings I moved to a 2.5 mm coil jig bit. Slide that all the way down the slot then rescrew in the cap to hold in place.

Next insert the grommet with one lead going through the grommet and one outside of it. Insert the pin. Then cut the leads as close as possible so as to avoid any shorts.

Once that is done, remove the cap and insert your wick. I find it easier at this point to reinstall into the base. If you have it on your device you can also check resistance at this time.

Next, simply trim the wick back till there’s about 2mm worth still poking out. Wet with juice, reinstall the cap, and as do a test fire. As long as you aren’t shorted out or anything, fill that tank back up and vape one.

Now don’t get me wrong. This still doesn’t produce big clouds. You’re probably not going to impress your neighbors or send smoke signals to your friend down the street. But as mediocre RBA tanks go, this isn’t bad at all and the flavor is quite good.


That was an excellent tutorial. It looks very easy to rebuild. Thanks.

Thanks PV - it is easy. So easy I got it right the first time :slight_smile:

Build options are really limited with this thing though. I did successfully build a vertical coil with it but at 2.5 mm the air flow suffered. I may try 3mm next attempt,

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Great write up. Doesn’t look too difficult.

Reminds me of winding kanger portank coils, but a lil bigger

I bought an Ego One Mini for my wife, a couple of months ago. I’ve been trying to help her switch over from cigarettes, and she was willing to give it a go, as long as the setup was small, hence the Ego One Mini. I ordered a pack of the CLR coils at the same time. I haven’t had to try a rebuild though, yet.

The kids got me an eVic VTC mini kit, for Christmas, and it came with the Tron-S tank, which uses the same coils.

I just tossed my Sub Tank Mini on the eVic mini, and have been using that combo with good results. I’ve been eyeing the Tron-S and have been meaning to give that a try. I thought, why not, it’s sitting right here. Being a lower power, MTL vaper, it might work out fine for me.

One little added tip, from reading up on rebuilding the CLR coils, is the top cap allows you to tighten down a little, on the wick, in effect choking it off a bit, if it’s wicking too much juice. That allows you to fine tune the wicking action. I don’t have first hand experience with that, just something I picked up, gathering info.

Good write up @SthrnMixer! I’m going to give my Tron-S a try soon, and try my hand at rebuilding the CLR coils.

Thanks. Actually if you look, there is a knurled ring below the top cap of the coil head. That actually is designed to be the juice flow control - the top cap always screws down completely. So in my photo above with the coil head fully assembled, that is juice flow wide open. Then just turn the lower ring counterclockwise to raise it and reduce juice flow.


Great, thanks. Good to know!

I’m trying the Tron-S now, with a new CLR coil. I’m liking the taste. Wish I had tried it sooner!

It’s great for MTL. At least for me. I’m looking forward to the coil gunking up (that’s a first), so I can try a build on it.


Won one of these tanks and mod on fb. Gave it to a friend at work that needed to upgrade from an ego twist. As a mtl vaper she loves it. Still trying to get her off the stinkies.

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I just did my first rebuild with the CLR coil. Nice and easy. It came out to 1.07 ohms, which is right in my wheelhouse, for my MTL style. The Tron-S tank has been sitting in the box for a few weeks, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it out. Seeing this thread inspired me to give it a whirl.

Thanks to @SthrnMixer for the original posting, & to @Lostmarbles for giving it a bump.


I picked up a evic mini vtc with the tron-s tank about 3 months ago to switch from sigs to vaping.
Used the coils that came with it the first weeks. While my clr coils, wire and cotton where on the way. I preferred the titanium one on tc btw.
When i got the clr’s I immediatly rebuild them with titanium at about .45 ohm. And I really liked them. They produce alot more flavour and more smoke than the stock ones. Haven’t came to building a vertical coil that i read about. I should try that sometime.
I especially like the fact that you can regulate the juice flow. This way you can prevent it from spitting or cotton burn due to bad juice supply.

Would surely recomend this one because of its size, its ease of use and the fact that for a small amount you can start building you own coils.

I haven’t smoked or even thought of a sig since! :grinning:

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Here it is almost a year later, and I’m still using that same Tron-S tank, and still rebuilding that same CLR coil. I throw a new coil & wick in it every 3 - 4 days and it just keeps chugging along. It’s my main, day to day rig, on top of the same evic mini.

It’s been a very rugged & dependable set up.

edit: btw, welcome to ELR

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