Cobra Sub ohm tank by Asvape Review

I received this tank free of charge from @Heaven_Gifts for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given, I was just asked for my honest review.

What you get

First off the box is a hard plastic that at first I wondered how to open. Turns out it swings open easily from the right top, just push down on the right side corner…pretty cool.

You get 2 coils, 1 already installed and both the same 0.50ohm Ni80 coil (35W - 45W). A spare smoked black glass, user manual and a large assortment of extra orings.


24mm Diameter
42.5mm height including 510 and drip tip, 38mm to the top of the drip tip not including 510.
3.8ml juice capacity, measured almost 4ml with syringe.
510 drip tip compatible
SS304 construction
2 included 0.5ohm Ni80 coils (1 already installed)

Fit and Finish

Right out of the box I think this is a very impressive looking small tank. Threads are smooth and airflow adjustment moves nicely, not too loose and easily adjustable on a mod.

I thought the top cap might be a little slippery to remove but the Asvape name is deeply engraved on it which gives a nice surface to grab onto which made refills a cinch.

My initial thought on the drip tip was I will probably wind up using another. I did try other 510 drip tips, it is rare I use the one included with the tank but this one is an exception for sure. The more I used the included drip tip the more I appreciated it and only wound up using a Red Dotmod friction fit drip tip for a short while since the color matched by Dotbox mod. Aside from that I used the included drip tip all the time, really like it.

Looks wise I really do like the look and got a lot of compliments on it. The gold accent on the top looks and black glass look really classy. This is the one tank that I have not tried to accessorize like my Tobecco Supertanks, Coil Art Mage, TFV8/12 and so on.

16 days of continuous use

As I write this I have used the Cobra everyday since I received it 16 days ago. Some days only 4ml and other days at least 8ml or more so I am estimating around 100ml on the same coil. Normally I like to see how long a coil will last but 16 days into it the coil is still giving me the same performance and taste. I will continue to use the same coil and update when it finally needs to be changed.

Flavor wasn’t the best I have tried to begin with but began to improve as the coils broke in. I would say about 2 to 3 tanks then the flavor improved. Overall after the coil broke in the flavor was really good, not RDA good but for a subtank I really enjoyed it.

Not for the cloud chucker but the clouds were nice and dense for a low wattage tank. I did try up to 75 watts with this coil until I started to get dry hits. The coil is rated to 45 watts but you can easily vape to 55 or 60 watts depending on how long your draws are. I actually settled on 45 watts as my preferred wattage with a preheat…nice vape.

Comparisons to other sub ohm tanks

I felt the closest sub tank I own to the Cobra was the Tobecco Supertank 25mm. Since I had also picked up the iJoy Captain around the same time I figured I would throw that in as well.

Compared to the Supertank with the standard 0.20ohm coil that comes installed the Cobra is actually a little more airy. With the Supertank and the .2 coil installed it will take more watts, I had it set to 65 watts compared to 45 watts with the Cobra. The extra 20 watts didn’t equate to more clouds or better flavor, they were both about even. The Supertank does have a small amount of spitback, the Cobra did not suffer that.
For being a bigger tank as you can see in the pics the Supertank only holds 1ml more juice. In use I did not see a significant difference in how often I had to refill both tanks.

The iJoy Captain is probably not a fair comparison here, more of a high powered subtank similar to the TFV8 or Crown 3. Still since I had it about the same time I figured I would add it since it is a popular tank.
Airflow is definitely more compared to the Supertank and Cobra with the more open .30 ohm coil, more closer with the .15 coil installed. I am not sure if I just got some bad coils but went through 2 .3 coils with the Captain and each one was disappointing. The .15 coil was better but in use I preferred using the Cobra tank to this. I do have to say that I may have gotten a bad coil with the one pre installed with the Captain, it’s performance was below par.

Pros and Cons


  • Very well made and smooth threads
  • Coil life (16 days and still going on the first coil)
  • Comfortable drip tip
  • Great looks
  • Great Flavor


  • Only 1 coil type and no TC option
  • Drip tip has a wide top so you will be wiping it down often
  • No RBA option available


When I was first approached to do this receive the Cobra tank for review I was not too excited. I am more of a high powered tank vaper so I felt 45 watt max coils were just not going to satisfy me. Well I can definitely admit I was wrong, 45 watts delivers a very satisfying and tasty vape.

It could be that because I had low expectations is why I like the Cobra as much as I do. It is not my favorite tank but I like it a lot. I really love the looks, much better looking in person and the drip tip and smoked glass make it already custom looking, no need to spend more money on those things.

Even though I already mentioned it in the cons I would still like to see more coil options, the first being a SS316L coil for TC and a higher powered coil to at least 75 or 100 watts. As it is now it is limited as there is only the 0.50 ohm coil and no other options.

I would like to thank Heaven Gifts for sending me this tank to review, I had a lot of fun with it and will continue to use it after this review.

Here is the links to get the Asvape Cobra:

And coils:

Here are some pics of the tank on different mods


Minikin V2

Laisimo Snow Wolf 200 Plus

Vaporesso Nebula (I used this combo a lot)

Fuchai Duo-3

Think Vape Finder DNA167

SxMini G Class

Tesla Nano 120W

iJoy Captain PD270


Nice informative review brother, love the look of the tank.:ok_hand:
just goes to show you don’t need alot of wattage for a good vape.:grinning:


Thank you and your right, this tank is great at only 45 watts, should be a trend to go back to sane watts.


Very true, you don’t have to have high wattage for a satisfying vape,
i vape at anywhere from 12w-140w but rarely 140w. average for me is the 25-80w :drooling_face:


Promotion over

I’m loving the pro’s list, and unphased by the con’s. Very nicely done Sir.

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Thank you my friend.

One of the cons went away when they released SS coils for it. Great little tanks that I bought another of and a set if coils. It got really popular with a lot of people too, great performance at lower wattage…what’s not to like!

Woah!!! You have got to be getting writers cramp. Rapid fire reviews!!! Another one I didn’t know existed. Great job. If I can keep up with reading I’ll be a walking vape encyclopedia.


Lol, I wish I was doing reviews this quick, every 10 months a new review, that would be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Thanks