Coconut Concentrate (INW)

No notes on this one. Anybody have experience with this flavor?

2 Likes perhaps?


Thx, wonder what the difference is? You’d expect the concentrate to be…well, more concentrated. I’ve got it in a mix right now with Coconut (FA) and It’s not standing out at all. Could have just added 1% more of the FA. IMO


No difference, they are the same the name is “Coconut” which is a concentrate is all. You just had to drop the concentrate in the name and use (Inawera) to find the notes, Make sure u change how it is listed in your stash too. No experience using any coconut so sry cant help ya there.


It’s not a potent flavor and more of a secondary note aka giving some body to the overall main coconut, or at very low as binding non detectable flavor. It’s extremely delicate.

I used to use it between 0.75-2.35% as a back ground flavor together with (WF) coconut custard (main note). It would put a bit of texture in the cream, but not giving a “flesh” kind of feeling like TPA/TFA does.

It’s not a bad flavor, but can easily be replaced by maybe more potent coconuts, or “fuller” ones.

Edit: some fruits in my opinion don’t show up on a shake and vape/fresh mix, unless you use extreme high percentage. Most (FA) flavors, while the profile changes during steep, will show up right away. (INW) coconut however, won’t be noticeable within the first 3 days, especially if you threw a stronger flavor into the mix.