Coconut Extra (TPA) Issues

Okay, I’ve used Coconut Extra in a lot of recipes and every time it just seems to overwhelm things for me. I have kept cutting it down and cutting it down, if a recipe calls for 3% I have dropped it down to .5 and it still just seems too strong. I guess it is just a flavor that I pick-up on easily, either that or the batch of flavoring I had got was just too strong to begin with. I’m finally giving up on it, I do have Coconut Candy (TPA)… yeah I know, different animal… but was planning on picking up on Coconut (FA) to use in Coconut Extra’s place.
Anyone has a Coconut that they enjoy, or suggestions on possible different brands of Coconut that you’ve enjoyed?


I have a hard time using coconut extra as well it’s just too strong or when I pair it , it always comes out on top. For many things that call for it I have found you can place Milkstone 2.0 in it’s place for a nice hint of it since it sounds like you’re much like me and it is just a flavor I can pick up on a mile away regardless of what you do to it.

Milkstone 2.0 I always have a time spelling his name lol so a link is much easier.

As for other Coconuts that are good and not as offensive…

Coconut FA- more raw coconut some relate it to the " Meat " of the fruit and consider it not as milky I agree.

Sweet Coconut FLV- nice sweet tones and does not steal the show.

Coconut Caps- I like it , it’s a lil sweet and doesn’t taste like I should be wearing it.

You already know what coconut candy is like, it’s good but yea a whole nuther thing going on there.

Coconut LA- not bad a lil mild and prob more of a pina colada style coconut fruity foo foo drinks like.

Coconut Milk- LB ( Liquid Barns ) more Coconut than milk and the coconut is more like FA’s kinda less sweet more raw

Hope this helps !


Looks like I’d be more in tune with CAPs, I see Real Flavors has a coconut also (both vg and extract) but @JoJo seems to be the only person to actually give it much of a description.


Glad she got something out of it. I forgot I had that one I don’t get as much coconut as I get a clean creaminess.

I think Caps is a great place to start !

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You know you could always do a combo. Like when a recpie calls for coconut extra 5%. Do coconut FA 1.5% for the unsweetened meat and coconut extra 0.1-0.25%…to get the sweet.

Basically it sounds like me with cinnamon and mints. If a recpie calls for 1% cinnamon FA I do 0.15%…however…

In the case of coconut vapes you still need to have the meat part too. Personally I just rock with FA. But lately I have been thinking of Coconut MF… @Pro_Vapes???


Naw wouldn’t work in this case, with coconut exta it tastes like I am vaping oil, and I can taste it no matter what I’ve done to mix it with, and it’s already down under .25 percent, probably why I disliked that Castle Realm clone, it had the coconut extra in it… just something in it that I pick up on it seems, not a big deal but I’m looking for a work around.


The TPA Coconut Extra is described as the same as TPA Coconut only stronger. I have the TPA Coconut and it’s not overpowering. This flavor tends to produce dense clouds. Recommend to give it a try.


I’ve been using Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) and it does have some coconut flavor but it’s pretty bland. Maybe a 50/50 mix of Coconut Extra (TPA) might be good, thanks for the idea @CallMeTut!


I have the extra like you and also have issues with it in some recipes. I prefer the Capella Coconut and the FA Coconut to the TPA.


I also sub TPA Coconut in place if Coconut extra


It’s splendid. Use somewhere between 0.5 - 1%.

But I have to be honest. I’ve not let anything steep out good with MF Coconut. It just seems after a few days that it’s changed all it’s going to…but then again, how would I know? :slight_smile:

Here’s my fave recipe so far with it. Started at 0.5 and stopped at 0.7%. It could maybe go a little higher, but it works so damn well that I didn’t see the need. It does start off a little rough but mellows nicely in a week.

Oh, and this is the second or third revision of Lars recipe. His original was always one of my absolute favorites but it got “heavy” feeling when using as an ADV.

Snake Blood Re-mix II

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 3
Butter Cream (CAP) 1.5
Coconut (MF) 0.7
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 7
Strawberry (TPA) 3
Vienna Cream (FA) 1

Flavor total: 17.7%

Remember to rate it at!

Huh? Lol. So it’s not great after steeping…or you just haven’t let it steep to know?


Yep, I totally get that too. Like really old coconut oil. Ick. I can get away with a little tiny bit of it in recipes, but not as a main flavor, and only if I combine it with fa. I really like fa coconut, but like others said it’s really just COCONUT. No sweet, no cream, just the meat. Which is probably why I like it, I can just add in those other elements with different flavors depending on if I want something sweet or more savory.


Ah another one I forgot I have and forget to use thank you !


I’ve not let anything I’ve used MF Coconut in steep out fully. For MF flavors I go by 1 month as a full steep. The recipe I posted was made 10/20/16 so it’s just shy of a month old. I have like 5ml left of the original 60 I made. The creams did steep out smoother in that time of course, but the coconut didn’t seem to change at all after the first week.

Point is that 1 month steep is the average I’ve assigned (in my cluttered brain) for all MF flavors - however, there are some that do not need that and don’t change much past a few days time. This is true for me for their coconut, grapefruit, mandarin, banana, and honeydew. Two weeks seems to do it for butterscotch and caramel. But most others change rather substantially between 2 weeks and a month. Some benefit from even longer steep.

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This thread came just 2 days after i ordered TPA coconut extra. I’ve ordered it because FA coconut was out of stock. I guess that was the wrong choice then. But the recipe i want to mix has only 1% or so FA Coconut so i think i should reduce that to 0.2%. Or just wait until FA Coconut is back in stock.

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Well you never know, some people dig it. Don’t knock it till ya try it, you might love the coconut extra!


I’ll certainly try it. But I knew i have to be careful when i received the padded envelope with the TPA coconut extra and some other flavors… I could smell it when i opened the envelope. I can’t smell any other flavor apart from this coconut. Very strong and overwhelming. I think i have to store it separately.


Coconutz omg!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I probably have purchased more coconut/coconut combo flavors than any other flavor.

My thoughts on the coconuts I have tried…

  • Coconut (Delosi) - My absolute favorite coconut, hands down. A dessert or drink style coconut that doesn’t taste like sunscreen.
  • Coconut (Cap) - Runner up for first and is my go-to coconut. Even though I prefer Delosi, I don’t really see the point in ordering the one flavor from them. It’s one of the few flavors I’ve bought in 4 oz size.
  • Coconut (Real Flavors) - I’ve only tried the VG and it is on the weaker side of coconut land, but it’s still really good IMO. No off notes or anything. I think it works better as an accent flavor than a main flavor.
  • Coconut Milk (LB) - I love this flavor. It’s definitely coconut + milk or like a cream of coconut. Not the “coconut milk” that comes out of a fresh coconut. It’s pretty creamy and it needs a longer steep or it tastes like sunscreen, plastic bottle and all.
  • Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) - I want to love this flavor, but I don’t. I use it and it’s okay, but it’s just not fantastic. Like the Real Flavors coconut, it works best as an accent. It’s on the weaker side and just doesn’t pop like I want my coconut to.
  • Coconut (Inawera) - This one is interesting. It’s somewhere between the candy/sweet coconut and the plain, raw, unsweetened coconut. It’s like slightly sweetened raw coconut water. It’s good, but not something I’ve found I’ve used very often.
  • Coconut (Flavorah) - this is the super expensive one from Flavorah and holy moly it is so strong. It tasted like coconut alcohol sunscreen for the entire month I tested it. 2% was clearly way too much so if you go with this one, maybe just do a drop or two at first, like the rich cinnamon or the lime.
  • Coconut (FA) - my least favorite coconut. Some may love it, I just don’t. Like most of the FA flavors I’ve tried (I’m looking at you banana…), this one runs pretty true to the real food. It tastes like you got a green coconut and put a hole in it and drank the water out. Not bad if that’s what you’re after, I guess.
  • Cocopilada (Inawera) - this is more of a coconut shortbread cookie. It is not pina colada. Like biscuit, this flavor has a weird, kind of metallic taste to it that I only seem to pick up from Inawera flavors. If you don’t get that from biscuit you likely won’t from this one and you’ll like it. It’s a great flavor, I just can’t seem to get past that funky twang.
  • Coconut Cream Pie (VG) (Real Flavors) - At the one week test this flavor was everything I wanted it to be. Toasted coconut, buttery crust, cream. Before and after that it was pretty weak and bland. Not sure if there’s a super concentrate of this one, but if so it might be worth a look.

Of course, this is all my very subjective opinion based on the way my tastebuds operate and on what I am looking for in my coconut. YMMV. :wink:


Lol. You crack me up.