Coconut ice cream/sweet recipe?

Hi, (newbie here)

Can someone pls recommend a coconut ice cream/ coconut caramel/coconut seet recipe with what i have in a my flavor stash?

Thanks in advance guys!!

*edit flavor stash now public:


Do you have your stash set public so that other people can see what you actually have?


I didn’t know I could do this. Doing it now!


I didn’t look over your flavor stash. But here’s a very nice mix. I am sure you could get some ideas from. Or you may just want to develop from this recipe.


Top of the recipes main page is a button named “Search By Flavor Stash”.
Assuming your Flavor Stash has all the correct names and manufacturers in place, it can be a useful tool for matching your flavors with existing recipes.

Recommend you also check out the various ELR User Guides,
beginning with this one…, to help you get the most from this site. :sunglasses:


Wow, you have the ability to create several different and varied cream bases there. I hope you have been doing your initial testing of your flavors by themselves and taking notes. If you have you might be thinking of how to put them together for YOU. For example for a simple ice cream I (by that I just mean me) might try VC, VBIC, and SV and maybe do 3%, 2%, and 1% in that order (let it steep). You have many other creams and vanillas to work with however, and you will be happer if you mix to your liking and not someone else’s. You only have one coconut, I’d start at 2% and then adjust up or down next time. Now if this was me I would want to tie it together with into a full rich vape, you only have one fruit I see but strawberry works for me. But hay, look at that cookie dough, or ohh ohh Graham Cracker. Yum Yum get ya some.