Coffee (LA) and Amaretto (LA) not vaping

Hello Forum.

New guy here. I mixed 10.5ml VG, 1.5ml Coffee (LA) and 1.5ml Amaretto (LA), but the liquid is rather thick and it does not burns in my vaper. Other luqids I have prepared before vape just fine. Any particular mistake or suggestion you can point to?


Did you use the calculator to mix that blend or were you just winging it? I also notice you didn’t mention PG or Nicotine, which probably would be the reason it is quite thick. I sometimes do VG Flavor tests with no PG added and it can be hard work with a viscosity like that.

Might take a look at the suggested Avg/median mix percentages ratios.

May have a better outcome.

Not all LA flavours are suitable for vaping, oil based. These two seem to be amongst those.
You better get a different brand and use these for food recipes.


Not a total waste, u can use the amaretto in your coffee and the coffee in your amaretto :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Silhoutte. Yes I did use the calculator and tried to be as precise on the recipe as I could. The recipe did not include any PG values, I assume because the flavor is PG based? Now my question: is it better to use VG flavors? which brings a second question: are there PG and VG flavors? I thought PG was the mechanism for flavor to be merged into the VG