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Coffee Vape From Beans

I too want to make a coffee extraction with beans, so quick question re: shiny coffee beans. I am hoping @therabidweasel can shine some light. I understand about why they have visible oil on the surface (usually darker roasts where the moisture has been reduced and then the oil comes to the surface) but what would be best to choose for a non-bitter coffee vape (bean/roast). Plus we avoid oil-based flavorings in general, so is bad idea? …or could a majority of that oil be removed to avoid that bit being in the extraction?

I love dark coffee …drinking some Green Mountain Double Diamond right now, but I’ve had some bad coffee vapes (way too strong to enjoy for long). I also know higher roasting can reduce acidity which might be important in vape chemistry (Maillard reaction).

I thought this would be perfect for my VaporBase sample. So how many beans per 10 ml? Might do a medium roast and a dark hmm maybe a Kona or Blue Mountain. A nice medium roasted Kona is sounding good right now… but a dark roast sounds smarter extraction-wise (acidity) @Maureeenie? Any advice?


I have some Kona beans in an extract process at the moment. Crushed them lightly in a pill grinder, put it in warm PG, stirred and they’re in the steep closet right now. In about a month, I’ll report back on the results. :grinning:


Coffee… coffee… coffee… yum.

The only real luck I have had with the coffee flavors from any of the flavor manufacturers is using what amounts to micro drops in my batches in some kind of cream base. Coffee is bitter so you have to be careful with it.

When one of our dear friends here on ELR said they put a starbucks coffee bean in a mix and said after a couple of days it was starting to work nicely :-)… I decided to up the ante and put one “seriously expensive” fresh roasted dry bean in 15 ml of a marshmallow recipe I like. I applied a little heat because you do need heat to release flavor from a bean. I’m also going to let it sit in the window for a few hours to get the UV light on it and then let it sit overnight and test it (Not worried about the effect on the nic right now).

Whatever I get from it tomorrow will determine how I go forward. I don’t know, maybe two beans? Maybe three? Maybe I will have to crack one in half?

I wont try it with an oily bean though…


Thanks @Maureeenie. My point about the shiny beans is that the oil has been brought to the surface where possible it could be wiped/washed off. I’m thinking PG or PDO might not extract so much oil (solubility), but if you could eliminate or reduce it might be key to getting a vapable product with less/no oil. The unshiny beans have just as much oil, they just weren’t roasted longer. hmmm maybe soak in PGA (freezer?) for 24 hours (extract only the oils?) then to the PG/PDO? Of course that leads to some PGA/Coffee taste testing :wink:

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You are such a techie with this stuff. You’re amazing… I’m just winging it…

I’m not worried about vaping it because I know most of the original coffee flavors were extracts of beans and even though they didn’t taste very good, they weren’t killing anyone lol

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Oh! I’m always winging it …secret to success :wink:


These beans I have were a birthday present from my husband. They were fresh roasted last Thursday and priority shipped from a boutique bean roaster in San Francisco. This particular bean is grown at a high elevation and specially roasted with some flavoring notes.

If these beans don’t work… I’m giving up!


heh Look forward to some result in September from you and @Kinnikinnick


I’ve been chasing the perfect coffee vape from day one of vaping, my friend. Kinda praying this is my “Magic Bean”.


What coffee recipies have you tried? Have you tried smooth morning kick? If so, what did you find missing.

I’ve made that recpie but started mixing it adapted for missing tiramisu FA. Once I got tiramisu I still left my adaptations in the mix.

From what I’ve heard about vb I think you’re right. My coffee sample has some bitterness that might really benefit from the muting properties.

I used one bean per 10ml. You could probably use more, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.

I need to test mine again and see how it’s coming along.


Great topic that I will follow, I was REALLY into coffee 15 or so years ago, almost bought a storefront and had a backer that was willing to front the whole cost, unfortunately the storefront wouldn’t release the records for my backer to review so the whole deal went south. I have about 6 good lbs of a blend I made up and loved in whole beans in the deep freezer (next to my nic), might be interesting to play with some.

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I have tried it, with substitutions it’s not bad at all! It’s just not…“perfect” for me.

I’ll be watching this thread closely!

I always bring some of these back with me when we go to Jamaica. This is the real deal, no “blend” crap. I opened this one up the other night for some amazing coffee in my press. Mmmmm!


My “blend” was 50% Sumantra and 25% each of a Colombian dark roast and Guatemalan standard
roast, nice and smooth without any real acidity bite.

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Definitely subbed! Loooooooooove a good coffee!

Years ago, my Mom visited Brazil and brought me back a bag of coffee back that was so incredible that I forced myself to make it last as long as possible. It was as close to a powder as I’ve ever seen from a coffee, it was so fine. Man was that stuff heaven on earth! So smooth, so mild, just a great general any-time-of-day coffee!

I wish there was a label or brand on it, as I’d still be ordering it to this day!!

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I wasn’t calling your blend out, I was calling all the Blue Mountain Coffee “blends” crap. It’s when companies mix a good bean with other plain beans to be cheaper but then market it as the good stuff that pisses me off.

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Trader Joes sells a Kona “Blend” which is pretty decent for the price. Sometimes it’s better to get the $15 pound stuff as $40 lb for everyday coffee cuts into my Vape budget :wink: I like to switch to a light Kona for like a couple weeks after my tongue gets burnt out on French Roast

Oh and Imma need two of those peaberry beans stat :wink:


When we are in Jamaica, I always bring back about 10 lbs of the Peaberry beans. I mean why not. I can get them for $19-$23 per lb there.

Swing on by and I’ll give you a few!

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That is the stuff. I have had that…yum.