Coil Builders Need HELP! 317L SS Clapton Issue

I am having an issue not making Fused Clapton’s with this 317 but just a simple Clapton wire using 317L SS.

No matter how tight I wrap the outer wrap it just slides right off, I have so many outer spring wires I could make a ton of Aliens now lol… Should I flatten the core wire first in my pasta machine and perhaps this will give it a better hold.?

I am using the Avidartisan Daedalus automatic clapton coil maker

I am using 24 317L and wrapping it with 38 317L, When I make fused Clapton’s I have no issues and they come out beautiful and I don’t have issues when using kanthal wire to make just Clapton Wire. .Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help and Happy Vaping
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I’d try not straightening your core wire first and making sure there are no oils or other lubricants on your core and let your clapton double-up at the end of your wire to secure it in place.

From what i have heard 317L is more springy than for an example 316 wire and that there might be the issue you are having. Since it is springy it might open up a tad after wrapping making it lose on the core wire.
Securing the ends might help at least during the face where you make the coils. Another thing you can do is to use a torch and heat the wire up while it still is on the daedalus to take some of the springiness out of the wire which would if not solve the issue at least make it better.

Good luck


The heat idea sounds slick!

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Thank you Norseman, I will give the heat a shot. I tried pinching the ends but you are correct it is very springy and that is just a pain in the yang when trying to put into a RDA. I may need to change up to a thicker gauge for the outer wire like 32 or 36, or I may just completely switch over to 316. :+1:

Thanks for the input.

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Thanks I am just going back to 316 and I think I am going to use 26g wrapped with 30g, the 317 is a strange material.

If you go with 316 you can use 34, 36 or 38 and it shouldn’t be an issue as it is now with the 317. Maybe @Jondamon can chip in and share his expertise in the matter since he is an awesome coil maker.

Don’t know anything about 317 bit I use that rig with 316 and it works fine. As I’m sure you know, you do have to really tighten the tension nut down pretty tight.

Usually with most wire you want to go at least 6 gauges thinner for wrap wire otherwise you end up with springiness.