Coil Building

I know this has been asked before, I have looked but can’t seem to find what I am looking for. I have a TFV8 cloud beast, had it for quite some time. Love it. It came with a RTA I think that’s what it is called. I have never used it. I have never built a coil, I have seen a few videos on youtube about it. What would I need to buy to get started building coils? Is the flavor that much better? I know it will save money, which is a plus…I have already saved hundred and hundreds with diy even with all the supplies I have bought. Just wondering what the difference is and how do I get started in doing it. The one I have came with two premade coils for the RTA that I haven’t tried either, thinking about trying that one too. Thanks for your time.


Well, if you are just trying to vape and not get overly techie about building coils with machines and what not, this will work really well, but the truth is you can do this with smaller kits a lot cheaper.


You just opened a can of worms! :slight_smile:


Yeah, opinions on this subject are going to vary dramatically, as most everyone will interject with their own personal preferences. These will be based on wire type, build type, and wicking material. Let’s get started shall we?

Wire - there are tons of options. Round wire, clapton wire, square wire, flat wire, etc and different gauges of all. Then there is Kanthal, Nichrome, Nickel, Stainless…etc.
Build - you can do spaced coils, contact coils, micro or macro.
Wicking material - cotton pads, Cotton Bacon, Native Wicks, Hemp, Rayon

To avoid confusion for a first timer here’s what I would suggest.

Seeing how you’re using the TVF8, obviously you must have the mod to push a larger build. I’d go to a vape shop and buy one spool of at least 24ga Stainless Steel or Kanthal. While your there grab a pack of Bacon Bits (small pouch of Cotton Bacon).

Then visit Youtube and find a good tutorial. Follow instructions.

I highly recommend the SS wire so that’s preferred IMO for purity of flavor.

And yes, the flavor is awesome with this particular RTA considering it’s a rebuildable coil head.



Yeapper, that kit is a great start. Also Demon Killer’s kanthal coil set if you wannt use some really cheap prebuilt coils and try out various wire types

Just google Demon Killer Coil 8-in-1, should be about 11 USD, the ones for 5USD or less are probably knock-offs (of an already stupid cheap product >.>), no idea if they’re as good, don’t see how you screw up coil manufacturing tho.

Also, I strongly recommend getting a velocity-style RDA. RDAs are meant to just pop the top off entirely and drip onto the col/wick itself. They are easier to wick than tanks, especially the absolutely awful RBA for the Smok Beast tanks (at least, I have several and I kinda hate them) .

I recommend as the simplest thing I’ve built on (I’m still pretty new myself)

And here’s the simplest wiking tutorial I’ve ever seen :


I’ve been using the RBA section of the TFV8 for a while now. The Kanthal clapton coils that come stock work fairly well once you get them wicked right. Other than those, I’ve only tried NiChrome wire spaced and contact. Spaced seems to work better for me, and the flavor is phenomenal.

with the TFV8 having such a large drip tip spitback is inevitable. I’m thinking about going to a ‘tobacco’ shop for some pipe screens to see if they will help.


Have you tried bumping up the watts a few? When I’ve gotten spit-back from coils, I’ve found that another 5-10 watts higher usually gets the juice vaporizing correctly rather than popping off the coils.


currently running @ .3Ohms, have tried everything between 50-100watts, spit back just seems like part of the deal so far. It’s only a drop of juice that goes flying but it’s not very pleasant when it happens.

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You have some really good comments to this post already. I will add a website link that you might find useful. This is a link to DJLsB Vapes blog; a great resource if your wondering about the different types of wire you can use when building along with Temperature Control.


You tube is all you really need to study. If you can bend a paperclip, chances are you can build a basic coil.

You need to find wattage and ohm range you want to work with.
You need wire and wick material. I like rayon. A small round shank of a screw driver at .10" or 2.54mm Diameter is the perfect coil ID for me.
Rayon wick, better flow, flavor, saturation and Nic Hit! | E-Cigarette Forum

I know my sweet spot, so the flavor is fantastic with my coils. It’s personal.


Then it might be that your wicking is just a smidgen too thin, which is causing the liquid to pool around the coil wire and ‘pop’ when you’re hitting the fire button. It takes a bit of practice to figure out just how much wick is “just right” versus too much or not enough.

I agree with you about those little bubbles of lava juice-little bastids HURT! I know that some drip tips have almost a mesh/strainer bit on their bottom end(Can’t remember what atty they came on) so a little pipe screen under the drip tip should guard you from most of the balls of liquid fire.


For your safety when building coils, please don’t forget about Steam Engine. I find their wiring calculator a great help. Helps you to get into the ohm range you are targeting for your single or dual coil builds.


You guys gave some good advise, now I have a few youtube videos to watch and I think im going to buy that coil master kit that @Maureeenie suggested and of course use steam engine from @DaveDave linked up. Hopefully I can get this to work and save me some more ca$h. Thanks for all the support and help you guys are the bomb!!!

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Best of the luck to you!

Had the exact same thing happen with the claptons that came with it! More cotton, less cotton, wraps closer together helped a little. Just throw em away and install new ones and save yourself the pain. If you fix them instead, let me know how.

Yesterday I spaced the stock clapton coil. Just used my thumbnails and spread the wraps out so they aren’t touching. It helped immensely with popping. I’ll upload a picture whenever I empty the tank.

Mine was spaced too far and unevenly wrapped. Huh. Glad you got it working

They aren’t perfect, but not a single splash of lava ever since I did the spacing.


Nice! Glad they are working well for you. Thanks for sharing the pic. Thats alot of coil going in that rta. You probly know this already but Be Sure to double check your coil clearance after you put the top dome thing on and before you finish installing the glass etc… I have a tank with a burn mark because I did’nt look close enough. Lucky it only fried a coil and my top cap thingy.

@Pro_Vapes taught me a trick and I’ve been using it ever since. Wrap your coil as a contact coil. Then, leaving the coil on the screwdriver or mandrel, grip the first wrap on each end with your fingernails. If you don’t have any well I guess you’re out of luck. Anyway, spread the coil apart then push back together. The result 9 out of 10 times is perfect spacing. Seems the thicker the wire the better. Works on most wires.