Coil gauges for SMOK Alien 220

I took the plunge and bought a SMOK Alien 220, My question is if I want to make a simple, single wire coil (I don’t have an Ohm meter) how many turns should it be and what gauge stainless steel wire should I use? Lastly, would the Watt setting be important? A guy at the store recommended 6 or 7 turns and between 29-35 gauge wire.

Thanks in advance for any advice…

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I would personally start w/a single strand of 26g ss, somewhere around 6-8 wraps. But I think getting a couple different wire sizes and just experimenting will be your best bet. So you’ll start to find what works for u. Everyone has different tastes and what I like, others may very well hate. Best of luck to u, and welcome :grin:


Here’s a great calculator for working out your ohms:



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Thanks Lolly :blush:

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+1 to @Lolly’s input – you will get more help if you share more details (tank, your style of vaping)
here another coil calculator - use for simple builds - i still use Steam-engine as it has so many details…

both calculators will show the ideal wattage setting for a certain build (color coded in Reprova)

coil build really depends on which RTA you’ll use. sometimes the space inside the build deck and the airflow hole design may restrict how many wraps and the diameter (ID) you can use. also too few wraps (less than 6 in my opinion) can get way too hot for the amount of juice available to the coil.

safe choice for SS, i’d start with 26 gauge, 7 or 8 wraps, 2.5 or 3mm - should put you within 0.4 to 0.6 ohm - start low with wattage (20 or so) then adjust wattage up and tank’s airflow till you hit your sweet spot between flavor & vapor density. 24 gauge may also work but i don’t advice you go beyond that (thicker wire) until you get more familiar with how this really works.. hope this helps… good luck!


Thanks, that’s a really helpful response…

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If you need tools I would recommend the coil master master kit 3. It is cheaper than buying individual tools and good quality. I got one for vacation. Also in a nice case.


Definitely check out the site Lolly recommends. It is a good calculator for figuring out what size wire you want and how many wrap. Make sure you get a known variety of SS wire, 316L is what I use personally. Avoid stuff that just says “Stainless Steel”. You have to know exactly what it is because the tcr on different wires is, well, different. With tcr, you dont need to worry too much about your build like power mode vapers do, just wrap what is easy and what fits in your atomizer well. The wattage setting is generally a “not to exceed” sort of thing, though some mods (and I dont know about yours) also have a ramp wattage setting. Both settings can be helpful, but generally I’d suggest moving wattage up slowly and trying your vape until it satisfies. I’d generally suggest going with 24g 316L, a good normal build is going to 5-8 wraps, spaced, on a 3mm ID. Whatever fits and works well is key.



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Your mod is an ohm meter.