Coil OHM's

Ok i’m gonna start making my own coils, i’ll be using RDA’s on a Corsa 150 Mod What are the limits or ranges of OHM to be used, Is there a dangerous/Safe level of OHM, I have watched a few videos on youtube on making your own, and i’ll start my making simple coils,

Corsa? Damn TW :stuck_out_tongue: It’s called a Joyetech Cubis! :slight_smile: In VT mode ohms should be 0.01-1.5Ω and in VW mode it should be 0.1-3.5Ω. VT mode should be nickel, SS or Titanium. VW mode can be SS or kanthal :slight_smile:


So i’m pretty safe, i’m looking at around 0.3 for my builds, I believe 0.37 allows you to go to maximum wattage, but I normaly vape around 60-75 watts,

P.S. I new to building and mods so I just run in wattage mode, don’t really know enough yet for all the other options available :slight_smile:

@tonycrew, you definitely should be in the “safe range” as far as resistance is concerned - stay above the 0.3 total (if dual)
but resistance is not the key in building coil for a good vape, it’s really about finding your sweet spot in terms of how much heat your build produces (Heat Capacity) - and each of us is different. some like it hot :slight_smile: and some prefer a cooler vape. i started enjoying (the same juice) when i got that right. i now know the builds that give me that sweet spot. start small, Kanthal wire, single strand wraps, until you develop that “feel”, then expand and remember (or keep notes) which build you prefer.

your best source to learn more on this, is Steam Engine wire wizard - then try to find and read the full article about steam engine and heat capacity (i think it’s in ECF) - it’s not as complex as it sounds, but stay safe and take your time. you’ll enjoy it if you have the patience for it.


Thanks for the info, I like a warmish vape as I tend to vape pudding type juices and they seem to taste better warm.
I’ll also check that site out thanks for the link.