Coil questions for the experts

So ive recently gotten back into dual coils. One thing i always hated was the ramp up time with lower gauge wire, 24/26g, especially as the batt V drops. What about two stage heating? Say one coil 26g and the other 24g? I understand that this will cause one wick to dry before the other but with the amount of juice i keep in my RDA i dont think this will be a problem.

So has anyone done this?

I’ve not personally done this as I thought each coil had to match (most of my coil reading has always stipulated matching coils)

However though you could parallel wrap 2 different gauge wires for staged heating.

Such as 28 and 32
Or 24 and 26 for example.

I can highly recommend twisted wire coil builds especially as a parallel dual coil with twisted 28g.

5 wraps on a 2mm ID should see you around 0.15ohms if you wanted to go that low.

Another alternative with quick ramp up time is parallel 26g with 9 wraps as a single coil on a 2mm ID.

I’ve just wrapped this and I’m about to update the coil build thread with some pics.

Comes out at 0.49ohms and hits really well with great flavour.

It’s really surprised me to honest.


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Sorry @Ken_O_Where aka Kustard Ken, I just saw this post today. 24g/26g adds up to a thick sluggish build which will require a lot of watts to heat. Maybe you should consider different wire types or maybe a low gauge with a much higher gauge (28g, 30g, 32g) in parallel, twist or clapton. Using 2 high gauge 28g, but different wire types will also give you staged heating and shorter ramp up time. I know Stainless Steel, Ni80, Ni60, Ni200 and Titanium have a much quicker ramp up than low gauge kanthal. Any of these paired with Kanthal will give you a staged heated coil. As far as V drop, it can be expected with Mech Mods, so consider a high wattage Reg. Mod to offset the V drop.

Stainless Steel and Kanthal. I don’t expect you to build this, just showing the difference with wire gauge and type when it comes to ramp up.


Another idea is to use High Drain batteries.

Can I use say a 28 gauge Stainless Steel and a 28 gauge Kanthal and make a twisted coil out of that and run in Power mode safely?..or 28/28 SS…or 28/32 or any of several combinations of Kanthal and SS and run in power mode safely?

Try the same metal if your using dual coils. Same gauge, same inner diameter, same leg length. If your going to go clapton, you can use two different metals such as nichrome and kanthal. But if your doing plain old coils, keep then symmetrical so the resistance is equal.

Looking to expand into a little different than basic coils, and with that, wanting to make sure I keep it safe for my mod and attys…Not familiar with Temp Control, so just want to be able to run Twisteds and Claptons safely, without blowing shit up (my face)…In research, I have not been able to find a comprehensive list of “Do’s and Don’ts” so I gotta rely on questions from experienced coil makers…Thank you for your input…Other questions include Coil Ohms and safe wattages to apply to them from say .5 to 1.5 Ohms…Have never really Sub-Ohmed so I will be keeping an eye on this thread